Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Documentary of things.

Objectified is the second installment of Gary Hustwit's trilogy in documentary about design. His first was Helvetica, which elevated him(and all other legendary designers) to somewhat an authoritative figure in the design world. Perhaps I'm detached to the product design field, but I failed to connect with some of the designers. At some point, I thought 'so is this how people feel when I talk about design/advertising? Like I'm a total self absorbed nut bag?' The biggest difference is that Helvetica was a documentary about a font that changed and impacted the design world; Objectified on the other hand, tried to explain product design as a whole. That's why it felt like an ordinary documentary compared to its predecessor. I probably would feel bored watching a documentary on design or typography and excited with one that focused on the importance of Alessi's juice squeezer. I bought Helvetica even though I had to order the DVD from the UK. I downloaded Objectified, and felt like it was a right move.