Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I'm actually a carebear.

For the past month I've been emailing back and forth with a friend regarding the prospect of having a wedding shoot in the States. And I decided to back out in the last minute because I wasn't sure if my work is worth all the trouble due to the increased air fare and I wasn't sure if I could deliver the value. And he wrote back:

"By emphasizing that Leslie-Ann and I care a lot about our wedding photos, we are not
at all worried about your "performance." Loving photography and having ridiculously high standards for a photographer are two different things. We love photography. But we do not have unreasonable expectations. We both can take 5 minutes to look at your flickr account and know that we will get great photos. And shit.....even in the 0.0001% chance that something terrible happens and you fuck everything up....at least we tried, and I get to see you again! hahahah... seriously man, our wedding is a small party. As a challenge for a photographer, it is nothing more than a small party. It's a practice round for your wedding portfolio, and you have a rare opportunity to have free reign on a wedding armed with digital and film Nikon (again: "Nikon, right?") gear, with a couple of people (me and LA) who are not tightly-wound douchebags who will get all bent out of shape if their photos are not exactly perfect. We will love whatever you do. I promise."

I am usually pretty sarcastic, calculative, insecure, timid and afraid to fail Asian, but times like this I'm really glad that I know the people I know.

I really hope I get my visa.