Monday, July 19, 2010

China man in America pt.3 - The wedding.

Many things didn't go as planned for Gary's wedding.
From the photographer's point of view, the biggest obstacle was the rain. With a camera on each shoulder, I could only manage to support the umbrella by squeezing the handle between my cheek and collarbone.

But it was perfect. Because Gary and Leslie-Ann didn't want a conventional wedding to start with.

The ceremony was held at Gary's brother's beautiful backyard, which meant a lot to them.
The sister-in-law handled all the invitations and design.
Gary's best-man was his father.
Leslie-Ann did her own make up in the living room.
There wasn't any giant reception, or a whole line of bridesmaids.
And it's amazing even though the ceremony was dark and wet, everyone was crying (father of the bride couldn't lift his head up) and even as the photographer I couldn't help feeling all teary.

It was a small, elegant, intimate and emotional summer wedding. But most important of all, it was the wedding they both wanted.

I was telling Gary how this wedding is probably a special one for me (if I were to shoot any future ones) because I was simply part of it and everyone accepted me. I wasn't the photographer who turned up for the day. I was also the guest and I'm pretty comfortable with the relationship between everyone. Maybe I'm just bias simply because I'm so welcomed here. Being the foreigner, I find North Caroliners pretty sincere and upfront about their feelings. And I'm super stoked that I chose NC to be my introductory visit to America.

And to think I almost didn't want to come.