Wednesday, July 21, 2010

China man in America pt.4

I have to admit, my first impression of Charlotte is that everything is a knock-off of my world. The detergents look like detergents in Australia, but with different names. Cereal boxes look exactly the same, but with different names. I find comfort when I see ads about products I recognise eg., Nutella, McDonalds, Doritos.
Without my familiar brands, everything seems to be the same and I've lost my sense of bearing.
And then it hit me like that Nicole Kidman movie about the haunted house but in the end she realised she was the ghost instead (sorry for ruining it for you, it was a shit movie anyway).
Australia IS the knock off version of America.
We don't design stuff, we steal everything from America. We probably just copy and pasted the labels via Proctle and Gamble or Unilever.
And a little bit of Australian design pride died inside of me.