Friday, July 16, 2010

The China man in America.

So after being ordered to hold up my right hand to solemnly swear that I had no intention of invading the country, I found myself in terminal 4 of LAX.

And the first thing I noticed, is the consumption of things. Everyone's queuing up to buy food. There's 2 Starbucks within 300m radius, people were holding a bag of their McBreakfast on one hand and a big cup of watery colorful thing on the other, waiting for their flights.

Those who weren't eating were consuming technology. (One sweet thing they have though, is a counter to charge different type of mobile phones. Saw it in Tokyo airport 5 years ago, still amazed Australia is not doing it.) On my flight to Charlotte I sat next to a couple who had an iPad each. I heckled by reciting the Apple ad, 'iPad is thin, iPad is beautiful', to which they replied, 'I know! Isn't it wonderful!'

But the biggest 'fuck me' moment of all, is the size of the cars. If you think Australian Utes are big, shit, they can literally fit in the trunk of the GMCs here. As we drove out on Gary's Jeep, looking out of the window, I actually felt like I was in a normal sedan.

So that's my first day round up. As if you don't know this already. But I'm jet-lagged. So I'm going to eat more cheesy corn puffs and tortilla chips.