Thursday, July 01, 2010

World. Word.

Whenever I'm not making ads, I have time to look at ads.

(If you think that's ironic, consider this: most people working in advertising don't really have time to be exposed to ads. We simply look at awesome billboards and magazines ads and TV commercial from the office, through the internet, in front of the computer. But we still don't buy this 'digital advertising' bullshit. But more on that later.)

Since I used to work on ANZ I somewhat have a soft spot for them. I happen to love the guy who created the previous ANZ template thus resulted to my bashing of their new brand relaunch last year, titled 'We live in your world'. (see fig.1)

fig.1 Work of art

So when I walked down Chinatown yesterday and saw the new ads with the same message, I applied my natural cringe of disgust and walked on.

But I stopped.

And walked back.

Because, that wasn't an ad for ANZ. (see fig.2)


It's an ad for ANOTHER bank. With the world as their preposition.

And since Citi is basically right in front of ANZ in Chinatown, is this like a face off of the banks? We live in your world. Oh really? In my world, there're no robbers. Oh really, in my world you're gay. Oh really?...