Friday, August 27, 2010


I saw this commercial on TV yesterday about eHarmony, the biggest online matchmaking site in Australia. One of the feature was 'we will match all your profiles up to the last details such as humor etc etc'.

I'll let the humor matching thing slide. Just because you share the same sick jokes doesn't mean you share the same attraction. (The image of Eddie Murphy covering his eyes and saying 'Yea baby tell me that joke again' while air humping comes to mind.)
But what got me thinking, was that Facebook should definitely nail the online match making market. In fact, that should be their next step up.
With everyone 'liking' stupid shit and applications, comments even, it shouldn't be too difficult for Mark Zoolander to write some algorithms to find data that could matches every last detail to kick eHarmony's 'every last detail's ass.
It's easy. And it would only cost another 400 pages to their 20 000 pages of privacy policy. At least then, Facebook would actually help people achieve something.