Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Good days.

The year was 1964.

This is a letter of admiration from the product marketing manager of Campbell Soup Company to Andy Warhol, attached along with cases of Campbell tomato soup.

William the manager also mentioned that the staff at Campbell were extremely interested in Andy's work and would like to purchase his Campbell soup posters, if they weren't so expensive.

Do you find anything wrong with this scenario?

If this were to happen today, and when I say 'this' I mean an artist tracing a corporate brand in his artwork, Andy won't be receiving a letter of admiration; it'd be a letter from the legal department. He'd most likely lose the case, lose all his money, end up staying with his parents and found OD in the park.

I'm most certain that modern corporations help certain artists to shine under the spotlight, but most of the time for the sake of sales, and how many of the artists gets screwed over behind the scenes, we never know.

I miss the good old days when product marketing manager knows and appreciate art and not just bell curves and pie charts. The world seemed happier.