Monday, September 27, 2010

Hembakat är Bäst.

Just when you(well maybe not you, just me) thought the cookbook market can't get any more saturated, enter IKEA to kick everyone's asses in the playground.
Their project 'Homemade is Best', involves photography, ingredients and huge doses of creativity (or crack).
Cynics like me would think: yea yea, it's beautiful, but I don't care unless the recipes work and result in my girlfriend exchanging kisses for my food.
But stare at the picture above. Look at it long and hard. Isn't that the most unique cookbook photography you've ever seen? Imagine you're a designer, or an architect. Won't that make you want to run out and purchase it and show off to your less creative family, how creative you are?
I hate IKEA for the same reason I admire IKEA.