Thursday, September 30, 2010

How the soaring dollar made me a better creative.

It all started with this book. I had it in my Amazon wish list after I read Michael Beirut's review on the Design Observer. Bought it when the dollar hit $0.96 and it cost me probably $40 in the end. It's so fucking beautiful most people (including myself) are afraid to flip through it.
I will show photos of the book, which consists of the work of James Victore. But for now I was curious about the person who designed the book. With the power of google I found out it was designer Paul Sahre.
Another couple of clicks lead me to a video Sahre gave titled 'A designer and his problems' last year.

It's 2 hour long, but it's probably the most honest and accurate presentation I've ever seen of a designer (so expect frustration and swearing).
Paul focused primarily on his book cover designs. The best part was his recollection of this book cover:
If you're clueless like me, there's a typo on the cover.
The original title was 'A History of Western Philosophy'. And the mistake went through the publisher, the author, the print house, the proof reader even, unspotted. Paul realised it 4 years later and the books were just sitting on the shelves all this while, with a giant typo.
In the lecture he said something like ' I started remembering I changed 'A' to 'The' because 'The' simple looked better. The line just wouldn't sit well with 'A'.
So what did I learn? I'm halfway though his lecture, most of his interesting work came from a very personal experience(especially the series of silk screen painting of phone conversations with his brother when they were both going through relationship problems).

So the moral of the story would be: dig deep.
All thanks to the Australian dollar.