Friday, September 10, 2010

Brochure in art form.

Whenever I fantasize about doing great work, I would also imagine how difficult the briefs would be. Is it a hard product to sell?
On top of my head, I'd think intangible services like banks and insurance companies would be a hard sell for advertising creatives.
For designers I'd assume architecture talk posters would be one of the hardest to crack. Simply because there're shit loads of information, all bearing the same importance, and you need to keep the school's logo, with different dates and venues intact. Basically it's a brochure on a poster.
That's why I envy the shit out of Michael Beirut for his posters of Yale School of Architecture. Over the years he's been able to create a voice, brand even for the school, and at the same time make all the information appear to be relevant and elegant. On top of that he uses only one colour.
He pretty much lives in my dreamland.

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