Thursday, October 21, 2010


Saw this ad in Southern Cross Station last week, and it has 'death by client' written all over it.
I saw the 'live a life less squinty' campaign before. The idea was people (note: non-Asian) squinting their eyes because of the sun and the product at the bottom right hand corner was transitions lenses. Cute.
And then I saw this. And my brain space-jumped to the meeting room and the client was panicking about the sales target.
'Maybe people didn't get the squinty eye thing, maybe they need to see a product? Like a before and after comparison?' 'Also, maybe they didn't see the product name, can we make it bigger?' ' Oh I'm not saying we need a new campaign, we don't have the time (money) to do that, no.'
The end result is this poster promoting sex change.