Thursday, October 21, 2010

How the soaring dollar made me a wanker.

So I took advantage of the short lived dollar parity and ordered a Kindle.
In my world, two type of books exist. The ones that I need to engage my senses in (cook book, design books, books I need to hold in my hands etc.) and the ones I buy, read and finish within a week and not know what to do with.
I was hoping the Kindle would solve my problem of the latter type and I can keep my bookshelf full of beautiful engaging book.
Somehow my colleagues thought it was a wank. Some commented ' why didn't you get an iPad?'
That startled me because I always thought an iPad was a bigger wank than a Kindle(at 4 times the price). Buying an iPad simply means you're eager to be cool; Kindle was merely a reading tool. And I'm serious about my reading. (I think.)
Perhaps simply because the Kindle was TOO serious a tool for reading, you cannot avoid being seen as a jerk off? The same as people who insists on short blacks and fixed gears bike? Who cares I'm stocking on books now.