Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Selby.

Have you experienced this:
You wake up one morning with this beautiful idea. You know it's awesome. You know everyone around you knows it's awesome. You start planning on executing this idea, slowly sharpening your skill, ready for the launch. Ready to own the world.
And then you meet this stranger, and you briefly touch on your new idea, and she replies, ' Oh, so it's like The Selby'.
You say 'WTF is a Selby', log on to the website, and there it is. Everything you ever wanted to do, and then some. Beautifully executed. Well received. Raging reviews.
That flame in your gut extinguished, you're back to the self-loathing world of emptiness.
It's not too different from that scene in 'Knocked-up'.
And that was my 1.14pm today.