Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Study of major events in life.

There are two things you do when big things happen in your life. You either keep it in, or let it out. What I can't figure out, is which events we choose to hide or go public. In this case, I'm afraid I might just be mentally ill.

When I lost my job last year, I had no intentions of hiding it. In fact, I posted my experience on Facebook and informed everyone I met. Some people are worried that I'm taking it too positively and I might shoot myself in the face with a shotgun.

3 months ago, I started seeing Chika seriously. And I tried my best to camouflage the situation. Not until I realised I can no longer deny this relationship or explain my absence to people I see constantly, I started opening up. And even with this blog post, it's a reflection piece rather than a blatant post with a title such as 'The death of my dry spell as they call it'.

The explanation I can come up with for my 'Yay jobless, boo relationship' mentality, is that getting laid off is a concrete fact and there is nothing I can do to change it. Being in a relationship, on the other hand, is just two people's opinion. For me, it has always been embarrassing to put a brand on something that it is not.

The second possibility, is that getting in a relationship seems so cliche, so bland, so expected of everyone that I don't really feel proud of it. Getting retrenched, however, is a life changing event that everyone's heard of, but not necessarily know how to deal with it. My elaborated post was merely just to show off that I for one, can cope with extremely circumstances. Getting into a relationship? Not that much of an extreme situation.

And the last and most pessimistic theory of all, is that losing my job gave me a sense of freedom. Suddenly I could take a step back and reevaluate my life and not stuck to a demanding job with the only reward of thinking 'at least I'm being paid to be creative'. Getting into a relationship, however, will cost me freedom. Maybe my extrovert or introvert response to news is directly related to my positive or negative emotion.

Then again, it could be all of the above.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's show time?

Many people don't know that Earth Hour was manifested by an ad agency.
In fact, back then even I didn't know the idea came from Leo Burnett Sydney.

This movement, this 'flick off your light switch for an hour to save earth' idea, was sticky to people my age. I remember my friends in Sydney being excited simply because they were curious of the city in darkness. This was during the bloom of social network, and many weren't as skeptical towards 'events' as they are now.

Earth Hour became the Dyson vacuum cleaner of awards, and the whole advertising industry supported it and pushed it globally. And indeed in the next 4 years, agencies around the world hopped on the bandwagon to win as many awards as possible: 'Heineken supports Earth Hour. Motorola supports Earth Hour. Your local deer hunter supports Earth Hour'. Bent image of a product becoming another product in the dark, tiny straight headline and logo. Done. Cannes finalist. Done.

At its peak, WWF even managed to get Shepard Farley (who also designed Obama's HOPE poster) to create postcards for EH. The postcard with its killer headline, 'Vote for Earth', had Farley's trademark illustration of a light switch heading into a ballot box.

So my question is: what now?

I googled Earth Hour today. Its official website reminded me of an energy provider, patronising me with information on how to recycle and fix my leaked tap. The countdown clock reminds me that it's 9 days before Earth Hour, and I'm actually confuzzled that no advertising blog, or facebook events, or friends reminding friends that it's happening that soon. Sure there's a toolbar to twit, facebook, digg, or do whatever you want to promote it, but I just don't feel excited anymore. It's pretty bleh. What irritates me the most, is the theme: It's Showtime.

It's Showtime.

Finally, the time has come for Earth Hour to take itself too seriously.

I'm not saying Earth Hour is created to win awards. Perhaps the financial crisis crippled their budget, perhaps people realised flicking a light switch once a year isn't doing much. But if I'm an agency and I found out EH is no longer a hit and the award faucet is getting turned off, I would probably think it's acceptable to go with a campaign based on 'It's Showtime'.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm a survivor?

I doubt I've ever followed or finished a whole season of Survivor. Someone once told me that the show is like a micro simulator of the real world. In fact, I think Survivor was the very first reality TV show that took off.

However, isn't Survivor the total opposite of the real world?

20 people get stranded in an island, and the ultimate goal is to outwit, outplay, and outlast everyone else? And then the winner gets $1 million? So the best survivor in the world is the one who's got shit loads of money, stranded on an island with NO friends? The means to survive in our world (money) is totally mismatched with the show's world (not money).

How did we get convinced that it was a feasible idea? For 20 seasons?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Why the city sucks.

The government seriously needs to regulate the street charity hagglers in the city.

How many times do I need to be harassed by people who are working for "non-profit" organizations that are supposedly helping some unfortunate victims or refugees at the other end of the globe?

They show you pictures or give you statistics to sadden your day, and then further guilt-trip you when you refuse to give up your two cups of coffee a week to save 500 million African children. Not to mention the patronizing ones that goes: "You know Angelina Jolie? Yea, she's a super star and she's the ambassador of USUCK as well." Oh wow, Because I'm Asian you need to pressure me with celebrity endorsement? She married Brad Pitt, why can't I marry Brad Pitt?

It's uncalled for to violate us like that. It's emotional rape.

I did not walk out of my apartment today expecting to feel obliged to save the world. For me this no different with hookers coming up to pedestrians offering a wank to inflict lust. If the government can stop that from happening, they need to apply the same pressure towards the charity organizations.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

For all the ladies.

Parky is doing well in Beijing, China.
His new semester has started. And he will be off to London after the term finishes.