Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad vs. badder.

3 years ago, my old agency won the Coles account. In fact, that was the deciding factor that pushed management to clean out half of the creative agency, because suddenly they have extra $20 million to toy with.
Being one of the 'flushed' ones, it's inevitable for me to pay close attention Coles' advertisement.
At the beginning, it was a couple of slick simple retail ad with coins piling up to become a tower. A few months later, it became Curtis Stone's personal infomercial thanks to Masterchef. And then they had this 'Ta-Dah!' thing going on. And then it became this:

Last I heard the agency lost the account (in less than 12 months), so they may not be the culprit of this piece of art. That's not so depressing.
The depressing part is when Woolworths launched their new campaign this year:

That's gotta break your heart. In fact, the collective spirit of creative advertising around the world probably suffered a plunge.
Again, if we run the agency-client meeting simulator, it'd probably sound like this: Oh you know what, the scumbags at Coles have that catchy big finger thing. Why can't we have something like that? Boxing gloves? Hmm, yea. That's pretty good. What about we add some starburst to the gloves to emphasise that the price is REALLY getting knocked down? Eh? Eh? Eh? Now let's revise the cost because I'm pretty sure we came up with the idea.'

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