Friday, March 18, 2011

Direct marketing 101.

Here's the brief to the most effective work I've done in my career so far.
The client: me.
Background: The client's lost his keys on a bike ride home. He remember hearing something dropping off near the 109 tram stop.
Objective: To produce a piece of communication to retrieve the client's lost keys.
Target audience: Anyone who's found the client's keys.
Insight: Target market is a tram commuter or a bike rider.
Single Minded Proposition: I need to return the keys to the owner!
How does the target audience feel now: I've picked up this key and I'm sure someone is feeling anxious about this.
How will the target audience feel after seeing the piece of communication: The client's made it so easy and informative for me to return the keys I'll be a fool not to!
Budget: extremely low.
Timings: extremely urgent.
Mandatory: The mention of keys and time of incident.
Call to action: Mobile phone number.
The work:
The result has been fantastic with a 100% response rate. The client achieved his objective and everything was turned around within 12 hours. This news has generated great PR within the client's workspace and is now a buzz in the blogosphere. Also, a new friendship and mutual respect was established between the client and the target market.