Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fukuoka so far.

This is my first contact with a computer after 4 days in Fukuoka. Apparently internet is not a big thing here. At least not for Chika's family. I'm currently sitting next to the reception in this holiday onsen inn looking like a salary man pretending to do work while pissing off other real salarymen who have real work to do waiting in line.
I don't have much time. So here's a quick run:
Sitting crosslegged sucks.
I have been to a public bath house and my mind has been scarred and have seen more penises in an hour than my whole life thus far.
Bought a suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, handkerchief for 21000 yen ($250 dollars).
Attended a proper traditional Japanese wedding (Apparently only 24% of couples choose this over western and shinto wedding).
Tasted whale meat.
Tasted fugu fish.
And Japanese keyboards suck shit. The punctuations are all in the wrong place, and the spacebar has no space. I mean it's the size of a shift key.

Anyway, I probably won't have enough time to shop so I don't know, no souvenirs for you? Yea, yea suck it up. If you feel sad, imagine how I feel.