Thursday, June 02, 2011

Weiwei aiiii?

I do not know much of the Ai Weiwei incident. So this post won't be a political one.
He seems pretty much like the Julian Assange of the Chinese art world. Not that I know more about wikileaks either.
I did notice something interesting during the SBS Mandarin news today. Hong Kong was having a protest on Ai Weiwei's behalf, and the people were stencilling all sorts of posters and slogans around the city.

Maybe I'm over sensitive, but I can't help but notice the similarity between the two above. I'm not sure if the Hong Kong protestors did it because they know that the Obey posters' original intent was antiauthoritarian, or simply because it was easy to mass produce.
I do think the Obey giant is now slowly becoming commercialised though. If their intent was to get the public to symphatize with Ai, I'm not too sure if it's the right way.