Thursday, July 07, 2011

No, I want my bank to fucking waive my bank fees.

So in 2009 ANZ rebranded themselves to 'live in your world'. And then they forgotten about it and took the path of 'Barbara'.
Now 2 years later, we have The Mentalist in his slick waistcoat and iPhone, pretending to read our minds. And hey up pops the old tagline from 2 years ago.
Do you know how creepy is that, ANZ? You're brainwashing women with white guy hotness.
Don't get me started on pushing an invisible button on the 4th wall bullshit. (Channel 10 much?)
And I guess the client asked for something cute to go with the headline, and the agency came up with a thumbprint, and they bought it. Because everyone's a beautiful butterfly. Everyone's a snowflake.
I don't know. Stipped bare, the ad above is saying exactly the same thing as this ad below:

At least with NIB I'm not looking at the guy much(Maybe I wasn't looking at all), but in the case of missing the mark, ANZ is winning by officially sponsoring Simon Baker's career.