Friday, July 15, 2011

Dark matter.

So this Indian dude rang my door bell on a Saturday evening.
He said he was here to check on our meter.
We live on the 3rd floor, I did think it was dodgy but I also thought if someone took all the trouble just to come and check my meter on a Saturday evening, it has to be official business. It can't be salesman right?
He was a salesman, but I only figured it out half way through when he wanted me to sign on the 'Residential Agreement'. That's another way to say contract.
The thing is, he never identified himself as an Origin representative. He said 'there's been some changes to the power grid of this whole apartment, all of you have to switch to Origin.' It was pretty convincing too, he had a check list of the apartment, and I saw I was the only one without a tick next to a box.
I got so angry I actually asked him, 'so you're not a salesman?'
And maybe it's some Indian genetic ability he lied and said 'No. I'm here to help you save money.'
Luckily there's a 10 day cooling off period. I simply called them the next day to cancel it.
But before that I called my original energy provider to make sure I wouldn't get charged an exit fee if I choose to stay (Origin did offer a better rate).
Lumo gave me a discount on the spot to match, didn't ask whether the Indian was real, and I happily ended my phone conversation without that dirty feeling of being raped blindfolded.
So there're 2 things to take out of this:
1. You can simply call up your energy provider now and say 'Origin is offering me 0.15 per unit for my electricity bill. Can you match it?'
2. Australian companies get Indians to hardsell the product, but when you offer to cancel your account, they put a white man to talk to you.