Monday, July 25, 2011

What we can learn from ZARA.

If you've been around, or live not too far away from the CBD, you'd have noticed the alarming number of people carrying the ZARA shopping bags recently.
I'm not sure if you still have to queue up just to get into the store, but the last time I walked pass it I saw boyfriends standing in line for their girlfriends (or at least pretending to be).
This creates an illusion that ZARA is the next big thing and it will change the landscape of Melbourne's retail market. ZARA is what we've been waiting for all this time.
Flash back to Krispy Kreme, flash back to the opening of GAP. The launch American Apparel.
You see, the thing about Melbourne, or Australian retail is that the options are so limited, that any new opening is guaranteed to attract big crowds.
Does it matter if ZARA's new in town? I'm sure people will also queue up for UNIQLO, they will queue up for MUJI, they will camp out for Victoria's Secret.
We don't want something new. We just want something familiar yet not Australian.