Monday, August 08, 2011

Australian companies suck in social media.

KPMG has recently released a report that Australian companies are not using social media to their advantage as much as they should. Surprise!
Click here to have a read but it's basically more body copy to support the headline of this post.
The thing about 'research' such as this, is that it normally worsens the situation.
Here's what usually happens: CEO of Brand X reads this article on The Australian while his mistress is taking a morning shower. CEO goes to work, summons his CMO and asks, 'what is our company's position regarding social media?' CMO pulls out some marketing jargon from his ass, goes back to his office, frantically summons his assistant manager and this chain of command repeats itself for 2 weeks. Then the creative agency gets a brief that says: 'Brand X is looking into expanding its presence into the social media realm, yadda badda ladda, make us a facebook page for less than $3k."
The thing is, social media can't be forced. It can only be an extension and it should have a purpose. To engage in social media just for the sake of it is like those teen movies which they want to get laid just because they're turning 18. It'll just expose how little you understand about the issue.
But what do I know? I'm just a nobody who took briefs from companies and made facebook pages for less than $3k.