Sunday, August 21, 2011

The power of good advertising.

This is a true story.
David Inglis was diagnosed with MND and found out he had 2 years left to live.
Instead of writing and fulfilling a bucket list, he decided to spend his remaining life raising awareness for his disease.
He was a smart man too, as he knew he needed the help of an advertising agency.
So David walked along St Kilda Rd, the Madison Avenue of Melbourne, and like a junior, knocked on the doors of every single advertising agency.
And like a junior, he got rejected by all of them.
Except the creative director of Grey Melbourne.
Nigel took David in as a pro bono client, wrote the copy of the brochure, and went on to win a D&AD pencil.
Advertising can be used for good. You need a client with something important to say, and a creative that's willing to listen.