Sunday, August 21, 2011

The power of good advertising.

This is a true story.
David Inglis was diagnosed with MND and found out he had 2 years left to live.
Instead of writing and fulfilling a bucket list, he decided to spend his remaining life raising awareness for his disease.
He was a smart man too, as he knew he needed the help of an advertising agency.
So David walked along St Kilda Rd, the Madison Avenue of Melbourne, and like a junior, knocked on the doors of every single advertising agency.
And like a junior, he got rejected by all of them.
Except the creative director of Grey Melbourne.
Nigel took David in as a pro bono client, wrote the copy of the brochure, and went on to win a D&AD pencil.
Advertising can be used for good. You need a client with something important to say, and a creative that's willing to listen.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lawsuit orgy.

If there's a picture that would make lawyers ejaculate on the spot, this would be it.
Bottomline: Nokia and Kodak are suing everyone.
Weird, because they used to be the market leader in their respective field.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Banksy is right(?).

So what went wrong that caused the riots? The fact that UK police has no guns? Because the young black drug dealer shouldn't be shot? Because of the recession? Repressed youth?
The 7pm project interviewed one of the participants and when asked why he was doing it he replied, 'I fucking hate the police, that's why.'
I think that pretty much sums up the whole thing.
And then I realized, isn't this what Banksy wanted?
All of his work is based on anti-authority, anti-corporation, anti-government.
In a way, all his graffiti came to life for the past week.
Yet when I read that the riot caused damage mostly to electronic retailers, sporting good stores and fashion outlets, it just feels so... immature. So juvenile. So ghetto.
The city is out of control, and all we ever wanted was more Nike shoes, flat screen TVs and Gucci shoes? (even if it's just to make a quick buck on eBay, you can't deny the power of consumerism.)
The riots didn't change a thing; big corporate giants are still winning.
Teens don't have the balls to rob banks, they just want materialistic shit.
Plus they don't want to be told what to do.
Sounds like my rotten spoilt Gen-Y cousins.
I think most creatives love Banksy because he's 'cool' showing the middle finger to the empire. But if young people tearing down a city stealing useless junk is part of his utopia, I doubt creatives will be glad. We just want to read cool shit from books.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Australian companies suck in social media.

KPMG has recently released a report that Australian companies are not using social media to their advantage as much as they should. Surprise!
Click here to have a read but it's basically more body copy to support the headline of this post.
The thing about 'research' such as this, is that it normally worsens the situation.
Here's what usually happens: CEO of Brand X reads this article on The Australian while his mistress is taking a morning shower. CEO goes to work, summons his CMO and asks, 'what is our company's position regarding social media?' CMO pulls out some marketing jargon from his ass, goes back to his office, frantically summons his assistant manager and this chain of command repeats itself for 2 weeks. Then the creative agency gets a brief that says: 'Brand X is looking into expanding its presence into the social media realm, yadda badda ladda, make us a facebook page for less than $3k."
The thing is, social media can't be forced. It can only be an extension and it should have a purpose. To engage in social media just for the sake of it is like those teen movies which they want to get laid just because they're turning 18. It'll just expose how little you understand about the issue.
But what do I know? I'm just a nobody who took briefs from companies and made facebook pages for less than $3k.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Screwed in a fancy type.

I saw something similar in an ad annual 10 years ago, but I guess this is the contemporary 2011 version.
The concept is great, because the ad doesn't say 'speeding kills' or 'no seatbelt kills' or 'running red light kills'.
In fact, it's not about being dead from a car crash.
It's about the off chance that you survive.
And the consequence that follows.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Stuff I did for free.

I don't consider putting up stacks of Pantone postcards on the wall as 'design'.
But I definitely decorated it and made it more interesting than before.
All that for only $24.95.