Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I wish someone told me too.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blank page.

My copy of the 'Lemonade' DVD arrived this morning.
Upon watching it I can't help but feel a little nostalgic.
To be honest, if you haven't been in the advertising industry, and you haven't been retrenched, most likely this documentary will not strike a chord with you.
It's like watching a movie on cancer survivors while you're on your couch drinking beer.
If you didn't go through the whole emotional circle of trust and betrayal, the creative ego and humility, the pain of feeling incompetent and the relief of not selling anymore credit cards, then you probably won't get it.
This documentary is all about a bunch of people stuck in some job they hate, and finally being forced to a corner and do what they've always wanted to do.
For the optimists, it's so much about 'just do it' that Nike should've funded this project.
For the pessimists, it will sound like a bunch of losers justifying their decisions in life.
I remember the day I got retrenched. It was April Fool's day. And I wrote a post that still get mentioned by my friends from time to time.
So I am somewhat bias to think that being retrenched is a good thing. And I'll always be thankful that it happened sooner rather than later.
It taught me life lessons that I doubt many of my peers would even dare to dream of.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Minoru Furuya of the west.

Although I'm not an avid graphic novel reader I think I still read more than my Asian peers.
I ate up all the commercialised bullcrap like Frank Miller and Alex Ross etc, but I'm still no expert in the new generation 'graphic novelists' as they call it nowadays.
When I stumbled across Adrian Tomine's book I realised how ordinary and depressing (result of ordinary) the stories are. You kinda forget about the 'graphic' part and focus on the 'novel' part.
I guess my surprise is that there is a niche in the comic industry with an absence of super heroes and action figures. And he does it so well.
Maybe because he's an Asian American, so he pulls the race stereotype card quite often. But who cares, I could relate. If you need some more credible reviews try here and here.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Next station.

I designed some classroom signs recently.
Since it's for a Japanese language school, I had the idea of naming each classrooms according to the different cities in Japan. I designed them according to the style of the signs you see in train stations.
The teachers did notice them and gave positive feedback in general. (Mostly 'Kawaii~!')
But yesterday one of teachers gave out a cry and said 'Oh, you actually designed them individually and the directions do match the other classrooms!'
Apparently everyone thought I grabbed the signs from the internet and simply printed them out.
I'm not sure if I should feel happy that my ideas and design were so perfect that it went unnoticed, or sad that in general people really don't really pay attention to design.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The only time competing brands come together.

I mentioned before car safety ads don't always have to be gruesome and scary.
But when it's done right and smart, it can be effective.