Friday, February 03, 2012

Round and round.

Strange thing happened to me this week.
I had a gift voucher from Metropolis during the new year. I've always seen Daniel Clowes' graphic novels around, so I used up the voucher on a couple of his books. Check out his stuff, he's pretty good at depicting depressing American fringe-suburban life. Particularly, Ghost World.
And then I saw this Heineken ad on TV made by W+K Amsterdam.
The song felt terribly familiar so I ran a search and found this:
So the song Jaan Pehechaan Ho used in the ad was from an Indian movie from the 70s, which, was also used in the opening credit of the movie version of 'Ghost World'.
Little did I know 'Ghost World' was actually made into a movie staring Scarlett Johannson and that guy with the strange face Steve Buscemi. (Clowes co-wrote the screen play and received an Oscar nomination, what?)
Cultural influence in a full circle.
That's what happened to me this week.