Wednesday, March 07, 2012


So I was sitting in this brainstorm session to come up with flavours for frozen pizza.
It was (at least this is what I thought) an agency initiated effort to show the client that during our spare time we sit and think a lot of their products on their behalf.
So my writer and I walked in late (the free pizza was all eaten) to a room of six white people.
As the brainstorming session went on I sat there in horror realizing it wasn't a real brainstorm at all.
It was a group of white people dictating how frozen pizzas should be. For them.
I wish I could share everything I heard, but there were mentions of feta cheese, sweet chilli prawn, capers, asparagus, blue cheese and other food you only find in high brow Melbourne restaurants.
I don't know about you, if I ever buy frozen pizzas, I'd just want more cheese on top of my ham on top of my cheese.
It's a joke if you're a mum, and you think by buying some pretentious frozen pizza for your kid would make you a less shitty cook.
And this is why I don't trust brainstorms and research.
It's the wrong people working hard for the wrong reason.