Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Breaking Bad standards.

I finished freelancing at the agency last week and managed to catch up with a lot of friends, wedding photography stuff, home cooked meals and most importantly, Breaking Bad.
If you haven't been following the series, shame on you.
I'm sure you have at least heard about the plot, which is about Walt, a high school teacher with lung cancer trying to help his family financially by making meth.
And such as life, what seemed like a one off thing became bigger, more slippery and more fucked up.
This scene captures everything about Walt. And all the professionals that I know. It is the climatic turning point that cements his decision in life.
Background: Walt's found out his tumour has reduced by 80%. He was trying to quit making drugs and become a normal man again, fixing hot water tanks and rotting floor boards.
But when he was shopping in the hardware store, he saw another man buying the same ingredients to cook meth like he used to. Only that the ingredients were wrong, and at that split second after he told the guy off he snapped and reclaimed his territory.
A normal person would ask why? Why don't you just stop when it's enough? When it endangers your life? Why don't you choose normal?
The problem was that he was simply too good.
And when you're good at something, you take pride in your work.
Even if it's making drugs.