Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't brainstorm. Never brainstorm.

I have always envied KesselKramer. Look into their books such as 2 Kilo and Another Kilo,  you will find work that are irreverent(european as they call it), honest, and full of impact.
As much as I question the agency's actual profitability(yes the Hans Brinker Motel work wins awards, but how much money can you make from a zero star hotel? Surely they only leave the best work in the book and leave out the crappy ones), I cannot deny that these guys have fun with everything they do.
Their agency's in an old church, they have their own shop that sells falafels, and they were the first who made ad from poo(sadly, not the last), literally.
Advertising for People Who Don't Like Advertising is their recent book that's half self-promotion, half anti-advertising, and half interviewing people who have some opinions on advertising.
It is a short and fun read and while I enjoy the crude design (leaving the grid lines on to show the love and hate of rules, I got it), my favourite was the 'laws of creativity' in the end.
"Brainstorming is ten people in a room masturbating - slightly embarrassing and always messy at the end. No great problem has ever been solved by brainstorming. Not a single one. "
" You wil go through the first part of our working life writing everything down in a cheap little notebook. You might then go through the next part of your working life writing everything down in an expensive leather-bound notebook. "
" Everyone wants to be the best. Proclaim yourself to be the worst and you will be alone, and noticed. "