Saturday, May 26, 2012

Or rather, create like a thief.

Recently I've caught up with a lot of friends, acquaintances, and clients who wants to 'do something' with their lives.
It is a mixture of being bored, wanting to be more creative and wanting to make an impact.
(Some wants to 'make it', but I have absolutely no idea what that means.)
And then they started saying how everything's been done, and they will never be as good or as successful as (insert personal heroes here) and I see them trapped in this loop. 

The 'bored as shit to angry and frustrated to fear of risk to acceptance and repeat' loop.

If you can relate to the description above, I think this book is a good starting point. 
'Steal like an Artist' is based on a talk Austin Kleon gave, which he turned into a blog post, which is now a book. 
To be honest, I don't know anything about him;  the book was sitting on my Amazon recommended list and I was simply attracted to his handwriting (like the love child of Matt Groenig and David Shrigley).
This book will take you 20 minutes to finish. And it will inspire you to be creative. If you're already a creative person, it will re-inspire you. 
If you're too stingy to invest $20 on a book (not a good start to show commitment to change your life), please at least check out his blog post. The click will do more than I can explain here.
From now on, this will be my birthday present to everyone.