Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why designers can't be entrepreneurs.

I dig Pinterest.
Pinterest is the digital visual diary.
If you've ever done a design course, you know what I'm talking about. 
Especially if you're a designer/art director arranging a shoot for pre-production, Pinterest is a lifesaver. 

I know everyone's concern about privacy and what not. 
But here's my recent stance: Just like organic food, we don't really care about privacy; we just want to seem knowledgable. 
(We constantly give out our credit card details to shop online, come on.)

But the real reason I like Pinterest, is how they ripped off ffffound
Just like Apple and Facebook, it isn't original. 
Again, if you're a designer, you must have, at some point, heard of ffffound.
You know, that Japanese/white elitist 'image bookmarking' site purely for designers that requires invitation from other cool Japanese/white elitist designers to join?
(If my bitterness made you suspect that I once requested an invitation from ffffound and got rejected, you're absolutely spot on.)

Pinterest works exactly like ffffound. 
And ffffound was around since 2007. 
Why didn't it take off just like Pinterest?
Because designers are too cool. 
They kept it 'designers only', so you get struggling artists and delusional designers bookmarking their own wad of masturbation onto each other's wall. (Sometimes literally.)
Pinterest opened it up to the public and in my opinion gave fffound the middle finger. 
And that is why cool designers can't be entrepreneurs.