Monday, June 18, 2012

Pick of the week.

Maybe we can't attend the awesome lessons at the School of Life in London, but they've got their own books published now. I bought How to Stay Sane and How to Worry Less about Money and have finished the latter.

John Armstrong wrote a lot about 'flourishing' instead of 'happiness', as sometimes it is not necessarily a pleasant experience even though you're flourishing as a person. Money is essential to help us flourish.

Also, money worries is different from money trouble. It is easy to use the lack of money as an easy excuse for our worries. (We think our children will be unhappy without wealth, but what we're really worried about is their ability to take responsibility.)

Speaking about money, I'm also reading Peter Schiff's new book - The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy. Pretty scary stuff as I can see no way how the US of A can avoid a depression. Somehow they'll find an excuse to start a nuclear war I'm pretty sure.

Biggest news on design front has to be the rebrand (or the un-brand) of University of the Arts. Best design firm in the world + best client in the world = safest design ever is the common sensus. I personally think it's a typical case of 'death by client'.

Watched Mondovino last week. It is the wine version of Food Inc. (to be fair Food Inc came out much later). The documentary explores how Mondavi, the American wine empire is trying to unify and commercialised wine. On one hand they have the wine consultant Michel Rolland, who insists that great wine can be made anywhere simply by micro-oxygenating the barrels (disregarding the authority of the terrier), and on the other Robert Parker, the wine critic who breaks and makes a wine brand by his nose (which is insured by several millions). So Mondavi buys vineyards around the world, hires Rolland to brew the wine in a certain way which Parker endorses, and there you have the evil wine trifecta.

Stay tuned.