Thursday, July 12, 2012

The neutralisation of TVC.

This week I was back freelancing for a couple of days in an agency. This post has nothing to do with that experience, just that it reminded me that I haven't been writing about advertising for quite some time. So here goes:

Television commercial is dead.

At least, that's what the industry has been debating about since the first agency pitched this low price, high reach thing called the banner ads and proclaimed themselves as 'digital agencies'. And whenever a new smart phone is introduced (yup it's really dead now) or the new iPad is released (last nail on the coffin, that is), the same argument keeps popping up.

Do these industry experts watch TV? I do. And this is the general trend of TVCs in Australia:

1. A person breaks the fourth wall and talks to the viewer.
2. The person describes a deal, a product, a benefit. (ok, multiple deals, multiple products, multiple benefits.)
3. The person provides you the call to action.
Don't believe me? Try these:

Who are these people? Why do I need to listen to them? What makes the brands(or agencies) think these promoters are convincing enough to represent the brand?

You know what they remind me of? Radio commercials. Perhaps these people don't matter after all.
In radio ads we have voice overs; now on TV we have voice overs with a face. 

TVCs aren't dead. They've just been reduced to walking, talking version of brochures and junk mails. 
What's really in the coffin is the theatrical and entertainment value of the commercials.