Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Despicable MY.

Watch the short video above.

Wouldn't it be a great day if I were to tell you that these were Malaysians jumping queue and rushing in to vote for the last election?

Or that they're fed up with the government and are starting a protest against the injustice and corruption in the country?

But alas they are simply trying to get into McDonald's to get their hands on the cute toys. Because in Malaysia, cute overrides democracy by default.

Bear in mind, these are adults. So the 'young and ignorance' plea does not apply here.

If this was a test, the correct answer should've been: fuck you and your toys, I want a fair government. What's the point of having toys when they won't have a future?

But the temptation was too strong, I  mean look at the cute toys! Who can possibly resist them?