Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Day 20


Shit. My Reading Media Texts tutorial sucks shit.
This is what happened today. We were divided into groups of four. So there's 2 AMB*, a Thai girl and I.
So we were analising the context of The Matrix. (I know it sounds lame, but the girls suggested Titanic at first.)
The 'discussion' were like this:

AMB1: So the matrix is about war right? Because Agent Smith has guns, and guns represents war...
AMB2: The whole purpose of the movie is to tell us who we are and therefore we can be different from others...
AMB1: Totally, like how they put Japanese(?) martial arts in it. I just don't understand why only Neo can get to the real world, why can WE do the same?
AMB2: Yea, I'm kind of confused by the HEY! IS THAT YOUR WEDDING RING? Are you getting married?
AMB1: OMG yes at the end of the year. OMG I'm so excited. He proposed to me at January. And OMG we're going to be in this church, and you gotta see my gown....OMG......
Thai girl and I: ..............

The Kill Bill soundtrack started playing in my mind and I wished that I've got this samurai sword to slash their throats.
I don't think they understand the movie.
And my tutor openly admitted that her all time favourite shows are Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, and the Nanny.
Fucking first year elective subject.
Many thanks to tiger for demonstrating my anger.

*AMB = Ang Mo Bitches