Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday. Sweet.

Although I've never laid hands on so many macarons, I still don't see the big fuss in them. They're just French biscuits. (In fact, while doing research for this shoot, macarons are originally from Italy.) Like how they try to twist cheese sandwich into 'Croque Mon-whatever'.
The colours are beautiful though. We bought the macarons from Le Petit Gateau on Collins Street. The Executive Pastry Chef, Pierrick is one of the most enthusiastic person you can meet. Go and drown yourself in sugary syrup there.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Selby.

Have you experienced this:
You wake up one morning with this beautiful idea. You know it's awesome. You know everyone around you knows it's awesome. You start planning on executing this idea, slowly sharpening your skill, ready for the launch. Ready to own the world.
And then you meet this stranger, and you briefly touch on your new idea, and she replies, ' Oh, so it's like The Selby'.
You say 'WTF is a Selby', log on to the website, and there it is. Everything you ever wanted to do, and then some. Beautifully executed. Well received. Raging reviews.
That flame in your gut extinguished, you're back to the self-loathing world of emptiness.
It's not too different from that scene in 'Knocked-up'.
And that was my 1.14pm today.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


During my 2 day stop over in Sydney I was fortunate enough to catch The Animals & Children Took to the Streets at the Sydney Opera House. It was a mix of theatre, projection, and musical.
The show is a production of the British theatre group 1927, and the writing and craft is mind blowing. There're possibly 10 characters in the play, but only 3 actors. Using projections of animation and cardboard slots the actors were able to tell a dark, humourous tale. Even the ending is interactive.
On the plane to Sydney, I found out the play is moving to Melbourne tonight until the end of the month, playing at the CUB Malthouse.
You really should check it out.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Looking at a couple of facebook updates I deduced that Uniqlo has finally branched out to Malaysia. And according to my Google search, people have been queuing up since 10pm the night before.
I know there's a certain amount of irony that I'm writing about Uniqlo, (check out the cool dancing chicks on the left!) but this amuses me just like when I saw a packed Cotton On shop in Malaysia. Like when I saw people queuing up for Mamak in Sydney. Like when I heard people were driving for an hour to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts when they first came to Melbourne (KK went out of business last week). Or the queue for the new iPad.
I'm gonna skip the 'what were they thinking' part and go straight to my conclusion: people don't queue up for the product; they queue up because they're unhappy.
I read a friend's status on facebook recently: there's always time to spend money. And what possibly possess people to think 'OMFG I'm running out of time to spend my money I gotta queue up' is something I probably cannot relate to easily.
But all in all, whatever you queued up for, can never live up to your expectation. Because the really good shit are normally reserved for someone else that didn't need to queue. And if the products are that awesome, you're gonna find them on the shelves one day. I don't doubt if I walk in to Optus now I can sign up for an iPhone without hassle.
And that's the moral of the story: at the end of the day, they just want your money. Don't surrender your time as well.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

You can't teach taste.

A couple of weeks ago, we presented some ideas for a postcard to a client. The client came back with a very descriptive feedback:

At the same time, my boss and I were admiring an old campaign from last year:

Sadly, our client is not this client. But I can't help but think essentially, both clients are asking for the same thing.
It's really up to them, and it also applies to ourselves, to find our own voices and personalities. Can you use an elegant voice to reflect your brand, or would you rather go 'SALE! SALE! SALE! CLOSING DOWN SALE!' ?