Thursday, June 28, 2007

The evolution of yumm

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Malaysian fury

"Some foreign companies have complained that rules forcing them to take on ethnic Malays as business partners open the door to corruption."
No way! Wait. Naaaaaw really?
Surely that can't be true.
Link via
BBC News.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do we really need a petition?

Alright, the 2012 Olympic logo.
Before we get into the nitty gritty stuff, let's appreciate the balls of the committee to present this to the client and actually got it approved.
Let's face it, it's nothing out of the ordinary when you consider the amount of self serving, 'design is to shock you' design students around, especially London.
It's the fact that something as rigid and conservative like the Olympic games has decided to go with a unconventional logo.
On first impression it was very fresh and uplifting. I was watching the live presentation, and went 'oh yeah that's pretty cool'.
3 minutes later, the logo went through 45 different colour change and god knows what animation that flashed and rotated.
Thankfully I did not suffer from any epileptic seizures like others, but after the 'shock', I got tired of the logo.
I think the designers Wolff-Olins got a bit carried away this time. The game is not really about the logo, but the game itself.
The whole world do have to put up with it for the next 4 years after Beijing. I just can't imagine the athletes fencing with this distracting mark on the floor.
So I'm not really against the design, but the function of the design itself.

Harvardhism nip/tucked

But surely you've noticed.
Special thanks to X for crunching the CSSs.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sidebar renovation.

X introduced me to Fantastic Plastic Machine.
Now I'm always against flashy bouncing shiny things on blogs because of their distraction. But having a clock with the soundtrack of FPM is difficult to pass. Apparently it's an on going project with Uniqlo. The site is still under construction.
So if my blog happens to bore you, at least you've got the time, and some music. And of course, random girls dancing with polo tees from Uniqlo.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Red label with Chivas

It's been a while since I had too much to drink.
To be precise it's more like the feeling of having burning cheeks, beating lungs, and possibly running nose.
Anyway, that wasn't the point. It's more about the dream I had yesterday when I had too much to drink.
To be precise it wasn't a dream.
It was more of a flashback from 2004.

Everyone was on their way to a fire evacuation session, and this girl caught up with me. Bear in mind it's been a while since we've spoken properly. She had her hands around my arms without permission, and said something like: 'Why haven't you spoken to me for a long time?' 'Because you are a slut' was on my mind but then I replied, 'Well, I guess we've both been busy. Besides, you've got other guys to talk to.'
'But I still need affection,' replied the girl.
'Well I'm sure you won't find any affection here.' I walked off.

I woke up in shock, not because it was a dream, but because it wasn't and I actually said those words.
I've always thought that I'm doing a good job not being reckless with other people's hearts. I guess that was an exception.
Why it came back to me when I had alcohol in my system, I guess I'll never find out until I get tipsy again.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Railway fury

In my opinion, the best way to judge a country's infrastructure, its civic level, its social awareness; is simply to evaluate the lost and found department of the public transport sector. If the people have confidence in getting back what they've left on the train/ bus/ plane, then I don't think we have to check their GDP to see if it's kicking ass.
A break down of a lost and found situation: 1. Passenger loses shit. 2. 'someone' picks it up, be it other passengers/ cleaners/ staff. 3. Shit actually gets delivered to the lost and found headquarter. 4. Passenger gets contacted. I'm not sure about you, most of the time I get stuck at step 1. In fact, it happened this morning. I left my gloves on the train.
Let's overlook my stupidity and focus on the situation at hand: I walked up to the information booth and asked for help.
I sensed panic from the staff.
After some discussion with the older looking guy she managed to dig out a slip of note and said: Phone this number.
The toll free number was recorded electronically. It asked me to memorise another set of number for lost and found, which was engaged. The despair I felt at that moment was no difference to the ones I have losing anything in Malaysia, or even Klang.
Really, you could've C&P'd that whole paragraph and no one can tell the difference between Malaysia and Australia.
So the question: Is Australia not spending enough care and money on improving the customer service, or is Malaysia the smart one for not giving shit at all? One thing for sure: I have only myself to blame for being careless. I blame the weather.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I might be the next in line.

Ok, so this is how my agency fire people.
The whole agency receives a mail with your names as the Subject. Eg., Poor and Bastards. The mail pretty much sounds like:

Due to (place unconvincing reason here), our department needs arrangement and re adjustment. Sadly the result of that leads to Poor and Bastards working their last day today. Poor has been an awesome performer for the past 18 months while Bastards has been a key player in the boardroom. We wish them a successful future.

That is not cool.

And I don't think they've been informed prior to this. So imagine receiving a mail regarding you as a 3rd person being 'readjusted'.

That is not cool.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Things I shouldn't have done this week

Spilling the whole tub of coffee beans from the counter on 2nd floor that also fell down to the 1st floor. Note to self: Never think 'Hmm I wonder if I can adjust the coarseness of the beans' EVER AGAIN. Bright side: I got to use those super backpack vacuum cleaners.

Yoga class.
Let's not go there.

Trying out the Thai Chicken pie from Brumby's.

Neglecting this blog.