Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why did Indy4 suck.

Well, where do I start?

Firstly, the plot. I don't know whose idea it was with the 'crystal skull'. I'd like to blame George Lucas but somehow Spielberg might have something to do with it considering he also made the likes of A.I. and War of the Worlds.

Also, WTF is wrong with Indy being all monogamy and a good father? That's bullshit. The reason he was cool 2o years ago because he was misogynistic and self centered. He was cool because he didn't give a shit and he fucking loved trouble. (That's probably why Robert Downey Jr. was so likable in Iron Man.)

Indy 4 seemed like a shit with a hat on also because they put an outer glow on everyone. The special effects are like Branden Frasier as that geeky poet crying under the sunset in Bedazzled. Even if you don't understand I assume you can sense a hint of, what do you call it, shitness?

And Cate Blanchet's character should've been more competent as a villain. She carries a sword. That's it. THAT'S IT? WhoOooOooO. And not to mentioned she supposedly could read minds. Supposedly. All she did was running around giving orders and not dying. She didn't even inflict any damage on Indy.

It's an interesting movie. It's exciting, it's entertaining. But you kind of watch it and go home and then while taking a dump you'd realise 'that's a crap movie and I don't really remember a single thing and it didn't make any sense at all.'

Yeh, it's one of those movies.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Awesome property for sale.

Inappropriate banner placement.

Someone at Emirates says 'Uh-oh'?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good game Paul.

I remember seeing Paul Arden's first book in the RMIT book shop counter while queuing up to pay for my mount boards.

It was small, black Helvetica narrow bolded on a white background cover, 30 pages max. The title was 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be'. It looked like a 'me too' self help book. Yet for some reason I bought it.

Few weeks later I bought it for my brother. And my brother bought his 2nd book for my father, and then my sister followed suit.

It's about advertising and creativity. But at the same time, it is really a self help book. Short yet witty, simple but inspiring.

Paul Arden died of a heart attack early last month. I was shocked to stumble across his obituary because I just finished reading his last book not long ago.

Ironically, it was titled 'God explained in a taxi ride'. I hope he's in a place where he believed, fighting for the big idea.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Sunday, May 18, 2008


So I was telling this story of a girl who got a rash on her face after giving a guy fellatio. Doctor told her the infection only happens when the skin gets in contact with another dead human body.
The guy later got arrested and they found two dead bodies in his house.

The story was told over dinner and the gang was impressed. (They pretended not to be but I'm sure they did that to gain social acceptance.)

But then I realised something. It's disgusting for us to screw dead bodies, but it's ok to screw the live ones. Yet when it comes to eating, we find it disgusting to eat animals when they're alive, but ok when they're dead.

So if we were to be trapped in a snow storm and your friends are all dead. Society will forgive you if you eat them, but not if you screw them.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beware of shitty magazine scan.

Our agency's group photo for the award mentioned below.
Now find the yellow man.

Good while it lasted.

So we were told to update our signatures due to the recent award of agency of the year by AdNews. For the first time we get to customise our own signatures instead of being given a fixed jpeg to attach.

I applied a bit of mischief. Then my boss called me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art direction for dummies.

I was going through scraps of papers at work, and I found this dog shit of a layout done not long ago. It's a great description of my current occupation.
So basically, mother, I turn this:

into this:

No, I am not a baker, and I'm not getting married either.

Resolution revolution.

Tired of the same blue sky and green grass or blue swirl or the kawaii~ V sign photos of you on your desktop background?
Fear not, as desktoptopia comes to the rescue.
It automatically loads stunning images on your monitor, however frequent as you want. Available on both PC and Mac.
See? Now you're 10% cooler than 2 minutes ago.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dirty Monday.

I think having San Churro in QV and Lygon street is a good thing. We can never have too many chocolate shops to increase high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Churro's or whatever, it's fried dough. Deep fried flour dipped in chocolate and I can't believe I paid 8 dollars for that.
I miss my childhood yao cha guai in kopi'o. If I were to look for the same thing here, it'd cost me 10 dollars. 5 dollars for the 'churro', another 5 for the 'espresso'.
Maybe it's because we had Korean dinner before that, maybe chocolate and kim chi don't mix. We just felt sick after the chocolate.
Liked the wallpaper though. Also, Louise excitedly blurted out 'Do you want to see my stockings?' in public. It's not everyday that you get a girl saying that to you.
I came, I saw, I caressed. The stockings were intact to the plastic wrap, and you can buy 2 and get 1 free at Tuck.

Sunday, May 11, 2008



Saturday, May 10, 2008


Scanned from the not so latest issue of B&T.

Sprite has been running these 'thirst for truth' ads on billboards and trams recently.
While I scorned at the other version (something along the lines of 'your parents still do it'), I actually chuckled at this one.

Yet would it make me buy Sprite? Hardly.
In fact this is quite risky, because the emo's are probably among the target market that would buy some some Sprite.

This also strengthens the point that people don't pay attention to ads. They pay attention to interesting stuff, which sometimes happens to be an ad.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random WTF's.

Yesterday the agency hired a garden house in the Botanical Gardens to have a whole 'planning day' session.
I had to sneak out half way to finish a photo shoot.
When I returned I was forced to sit between the creative director and general manager. And towards the end we had a little trivia session.
Our team name was 'Harvard and the wonder women'.

I contributed the author for 'The Great Gatsby' and 'Bourne Identity'. Also 2 movies during the 90s that had both Oscar winning actors and actresses.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Damn you Anna Sui.

So I went on a tram with my hot tea.
Only to get squeezed between an armpit and a scent.

For the whole journey home I was standing behind this girl who was wearing the same perfume of a girl I once had a crush on.
It's quite popular, so I normally just do the sniff and dash thing. (a girl in office probably thinks I hate her because of that)
But this time, I was forced to choose between the perfume or the armpit.
I chose the perfume because it's better to relive a memory than to create another one that's utterly crap.

Sky falls. You feel like it's a beautiful day.

The girl behind the counter gave me a free hot tea.
"There, you'll need it," she said with a smile.

It was such a Taiwanese Starbucks TV ad moment. I was half expecting the headline and phone number to pop up at some point.

And of course, being so unfamiliar with kindness I awkwardly thanked her, took the foam cup and walked out into the rain with my takeaway.

I still can't work out how to respond to a kind situation. Should I be Asian and take it as something that's expected ( Yer, give foam cup never give cap), or should I just be cynical and think that they're clearing up their unwanted stale tea?

The girl made my day anyway. I didn't see her giving hot tea to the customer before or after me. (Probably because I had that 'jacket hanging on left arm, right hand holding company bag and wet hair' look.)
So the day was wet, but warm.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jetlag this.

So one of the senior copywriters at work has entered this 'Dare You to Dance There' competition organised by Optus.
She has to yup, you guessed it, send a video clip of herself dancing at places where normally dancing is prohibited.
So far she's won the Judges Award of week 6 and is now in the Grand Final. Vote for her and have a laugh. Or just have a laugh.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I have a blue house with a blue window.

Remember the last time you bought a digital camera, how you imagined all those wonderful things you were going to do with it?
The memories. The happiness. The close up shots. The 'perspective from a dog' shots. The portraits, self made CD covers. The journals. The flowers. The details. The things you swore you notice but other people do not. The excitement. The life.
And the next thing you know, the camera became a thing that you only notice when you get home, after emptying your bag. It became a thing you take for granted.

That's why I'm starting my own creative exercise. Once a week I'll try to document a specific theme and see where it leads.
I've already realised with the blue theme today, that blue is like Helvetica. You use it when you want to be neutral. When you don't really have much to say. When you want to show recovery and insurance.

And I think I never mentioned importing my photoblog to a new Flickr account. Well, now you know.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hour Gobbler.

I wish I could describe my past 2 working days in a more articulate manner, but Luke Sullivan who wrote 'Hey Whipple, squeeze this' had done it flawlessly:

.... " The ones I'm talking about are those meetings that are called because somebody needed something to do. " Background" meetings. Or "touching base" meetings. These aren't called because decisions need to be made. They're just called. And oh how they go on. I was in one of these Hour Gobblers once and I swear time actually stopped. I'm not kidding. Swear to God, as plain as day, the second hand on the wall clock just stopped. No more ticktock. Just ... tick ... and that was it.

It was a particularly useless meeting, 3 hours long. Just when we thought we were going to get out, someone raised his hand and asked a question - the kind of tired, lifeless query I call a "meeting extender." A meeting extender is a question like: "Well, Bob, how do those figures compare with the results from Chicago?" That's when the clock stopped and began to sag like a Dali painting." ...

Happy 1st year anniversary to my working life.