Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm constantly intrigued at how a Big Mac meal costs a king's ransom for common folks in Klang, while you eat them to save money in Melbourne.
Maybe it is the same curiosity that drove the people at The Economist to design a global currency chart based on the price of a Big Mac.
Well, if there's one thing to be proud of as a Malaysian, it is that we sell the cheapest Big Mac in the world. The world!

Images via The Economist.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


This happened during Web Sudoku on Facebook.
For some reason I found this awfully funny. And of course I couldn't let it go without some stalking:


Motherly hope.

Seems like there's common sense in advertising after all.
Coca Cola's entry into the energy drink market, Mother, was a flop. I saw that miles away since the launch early 2007, and almost 18 months later they're doing a revamp on their brand strategy.
Their new campaign idea is 'it taste nothing like the old formula' featuring a SWAT team beating up the scientists who created the original formula.
It's rare, but Coca Cola is doing the Skoda 'telling as it is' thing.
I'm quite excited to see if it actually works. It's like a real life problem-solution observation that's not available on text books, yet.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Super Parma.

Having a sign that says 'Number one Parma in Victoria' is like cutting off your ropes before you do a bungee jump: either you fly or some magpies will have your splattered spleen for dessert.
But the Palmerston Hotel in South Melbourne managed to pull it off, and I think most of the creative department were satisfied of yesterday's Friday 'Parmaquest', which is held weekly and I attend on an irregular basis.

Personally, I'm not too fussed about Parma's. The Australian's obsession over Parma is probably the equivalent of an Asian's obsession over the quality of cards in a casino: even if it's shit you'll do it anyway.

Having said that, it probably IS the best Parma I've eaten so far. Well priced and even the sides were well done. My liver's not too happy though.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was just in the mood for some umeshu this evening.
Probably because of the phone call with Satomi last night.
Can't believe I've only known her for 3 years.
Feels like so much longer ago.


Today I've sent something to the client that I was proud of. I've done something I wish I could've received myself.
The irony, is that it was a small job that wouldn't make any profit for the agency. The irony, is that I've only seen the final product for less than half an hour before we had to send them out.
The client did not want to spend any money, so when the shopkeeper told me it would cost 25 dollars each for the engravings I swallowed real hard and said 'yes'.
At 5.33pm people from accounts said they loved it.
I think that was the proudest moment of my career so far. Over 3 second hand, worn out bowling pins.
Such is life.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hit return if you haven't seen TDK.

Ok, after a few days of cooling down and reclaiming some sort of rationality, some observations about The Dark Knight:

1. The explosion at the beginning, was it necessary?
Because fundamentally, the two clowns just needed to glide to the top of the next building. An explosion would have caused unnecessary attention. Not to mention their own lives. Why not a hammer?

2. Live long enough to become a villain.
Where did he get that suit? Where did he find the time? 'Oh, I'm seeking revenge hence I should find a matching suit to match my face'? Also, he survived an explosion, a car crash but not a 10ft fall? Hmm.

3. Then you'll love me.
Ninja or not, you cannot just appear next to the centre of attention aka the villain and damsel in distress unnoticed. Especially when the villain is facing straight to the girl. On the rooftop yea maybe when the DA was facing the commissioner, but not in Bruce's penthouse. Especially not when you're supposedly shot dead and lying on the floor. People would notice if you're rising from the dead.

4. And here. we. go.
Why is he certain that the ships will only blow up last minute? The chances of the ships getting into chaos and accidentally set off the detonator is much greater than the formation of democracy such as voting.

Yea, these thoughts 'hit' me while I was out shooting with a bunch of bananas. They're pretty open for interpretation, and I'm just being fussy. Not that I have anything against the movie (I've listened to the OST for a week now), just that it's inevitable to think of the strings of events, trying to make a better sense of it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm not sure if it's because of the timing, but the 10.30am crowd of The Dark Knight yesterday was a tough one to please.
No one laughed, no one applauded. Not even when Joker performed the 'magic trick'. I wasn't sure if they're in awe, in shock, or just plain tired.
But I loved it. I loved the inanimation of the cinema.
I'd chose a dead quiet tight arse cinema over a hyper, costume playing, scout camp queuing 'honey would you get me a choctop' baby crying cinema anyday.
And I still have no idea why everytime Donkey goes 'Let's do that again!' with Shrek in the Hoyts ads, someone will laugh out loud.
Just like how the Joker delivered his 'Why. So. Serious?' line, I feel like going 'What's. So. Funny. About. A. Talking. Donkey. From. A. 3. Year. Old. Movie?'

Having not achieved anything in life, I can actually relate to the Joker. Why so serious? Why all the rules? Why panic when something's not going according to plan? Why plan? Why despair? But of course, there's always a bit of Batman in all of us to stop us from going crazy.

From an acting point of view I don't think it's that difficult to play The Joker. It's much easier to let your emotions flow, than say, pulling a straight face saying 'I'm having serious thought of eating your wife' in a meeting.

Christopher Nolan deserves what ever award he is going to win, just for not giving away 80% of the plot through the trailers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'It's complicated'.

So we were leaving from A1.
The owner usually asks 'Sepah-rate or togherethur*' when we pay.
Today was no different.

So I had this funny thought: What if I were to tell him 'It's none of your business whether we're separate or together'?
Will he even get the joke?

*There's one time I mimicked his 'togherethur' accent without realising it until my friend went 'dude wtf you doing?'.

Monday, July 14, 2008


My sister came for a visit over the weekend.
She bought a surprise present for her boyfriend's birthday and brought him out somewhere to the burbs for a stunt driving lesson.
I never realised how much I was craving for someone familiar in my life until we actually met up face to face. Not too dissimilar with finding out how hungry you are until you've really started eating.

At the same time, having tourists around lets you appreciate what you've taken for granted for so long. Every little thing sparks new reaction and discussion which I'm totally oblivion to on a daily basis.

It was a good weekend.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wet handles.

Phone Sex Operators - a personal project of photographer Phillip Toledano, was featured on The Morning News.
Not mentioning the fantastic mood and mystery applied to the portraits, I had this bizarre feeling that I was looking at a glorification of a profession that excels in pretending and over-glorifying.
It's like reading a book that teaches you how to read.

Photo via The Morning News.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Yesterday I experienced first hand the benefit of having a friend.
In this case it was Tohm's sarcasm that provided the benefit.
After purchasing the 9 disc Pixar box set he gave me a frustrated and disappointed face and pointed out that eventually I would blog about the guilt of spending money like a cross breed of Malaysian and Chinese running on steroids.
I'm not sure if that was the reason I got a refund the next day, but I did anyway. Tohm 1. Capitalism 0.
And just to commemorate his victory over my wallet, here's a clip about how bottled water is just bullshit:

Friday, July 04, 2008

The scream.

So things were getting a bit stressed out at work.
I was so looking forward to the Wednesday mixed basketball match because:

1. It's been a month since I last played (I never show up for 10pm matches, duh).
2. I have yet to play in our new uniform.

We turned up at court 2 all pumped up. I asked who we were playing against since the last match I heard things got pretty rough.
Turned out that we were playing against the team at the bottom of the ladder. The team that's never won a single match since the season started.
They were really nice people too. Middle age men and women with children watching from the sidelines.
When I thought things couldn't get any worse, they were one player short. So we had to play 5 against 4.
To top things up by 2nd half one of them got fouled out, so 5 against 3. We removed one player to lessen the guilt.

We've won. But I lost.