Wednesday, November 30, 2005

AV05 = memories

Tiger: empty.

Ah. Home. Klang. Home.
Upon entering KLIA I still couldn't believe I'm home. There're announcements in mandarin. Felt like Taiwan.
Until I saw some really ugly girls wearing spaghettis strap with clear strap bras, then I believed I was home.
And that auntie sitting in the waiting room digging her nose while her son buried his face in the chair cusion.
Never forget the swarm of people outside the arrival hall, half of them creeping up to you asking: cheap taxi? cheap taxi?
Ah. Malaysia. Truly Asia.
MAS airline changed it's in flight entertainment system! Now there're like 30+ movies to choose from and we can watch it whenever we want. An improvement.
I watched densha no otoko. Interesting, but unrealistic. In real life, beautiful girls don't fall for computer geeks.
The flight menu: chicken in soy sauce with rice, or beef casserole. I guess Eurest is catering for MAS as well.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why do they give big spoons for McFlurries?

image hosting by image hosting by

Most bizarre dinner ever.
Steph, Parky and I were walking out to have dinner before Joe ran out and asked where we were going.
Eventually we invited him along. Oh my, oh my.
Chili Padi was crowded on the second floor as usual. I detest its poor sound insulation so we picked the open air area.
(open air = an isolated corner that's so dark that you can't actually see what you're eating. It was cold too)
To start with, the service was quite crap. The waiter didn't bring the water. We needed to wait so long to get any attention.
First picture of Steph clearly indicates that.
Joe's idea of solution: hold the menu high up and point at the item he wants until anyone takes notice.
Picture 2: no he's gotta be kidding.
Picture 3: he's not kidding.
Picture 4: Shit.
Picture 5: Joe before he got hit by a truck.
I ordered a mango orange juice. And it came in a bottle. After I finished half of the bottle Steph picked it up and pointed the expiry date to me: 17/11/2005. Fuck.
We also talked about how our table number, 84, looked like a woman sitting crossed leg when turned sideways.
Then Parky said: no she's not crossing her legs! SHE'S A SHE-MALE! She has that pointy bit sticking out.
The table behind us sort of looked back. There was a girl with really short hair and sorta looked masculine on that table.
And I couldn't stop laughing. If the girl were to think we were making fun of her and decided to sue us, it'd be fun explaining this to the court: 'Erm, you see. The defendants weren't talking about Ms. Butch here. They were having a discussion about the table number, which they thought looked like a pair of breasts and a penis. Thank you.'
My laughter didn't help making the table feel better.
Towards the end of the meal Joe insisted that he'll tell the waitress that I like to watch gay movies.
We stopped by McDonald's after dinner. I know. That's strange but we were really hungry. Yea.
Picture 6: I found out that my TV has a game function. It's an IQ game that you need to figure ways to push boxes into designated positions. What a good way to avoid commercials, or Hagrid.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thank you thank you thank you far too kind.

YU.U. 137 Flinders Lane 03-96397073

It was exactly 12 o clock. I was playing pool in the games room. People around me totally unaware of my birthday.
Before that I sold my A3 printer to Fred. And we were drinking grass jelly drink in the Greycourt kitchen. Memories.
At 12:15am I got a call from Steph, Juri and Yuni. cursing me for not being in my room as they were planning a surprise.
I guess the surprise was on them.
We ate tim tam ice-cream.
I received a surprise call from a close friend faraway. Her voice sounded like she was just next door.
I checked Parky's Chinese grammar and translation while falling asleep on my bed. The girls were watching anime.
We saw Yuni off to Korea (actually the airport) at 4:34am.
Juri then headed off to Sydney at 9:46am, rain.
At 12.34pm I met up with Sam at Nike Melbourne. We had the set lunch at Yu.u. It was great. The beef curry oh the beef curry.
Thanks Sam. Stop winking Anthea.
Birthday was: getting my free energy lift Boost juice, buying the CD that was on air in a shop, without knowing the name of the singer.
Birthday was using my 15% Borders voucher to buy Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen. And Underworld's 1992-2002.
Birthday was coming back to my computer and seeing 10+ greetings on MSN flashing on screen.
Birthday was running for 17 minutes and 12 seconds although it was a damn hot day. A fly flew into my nose. That was itchy.
Birthday was tramming to Ying Thai 2 for dinner, and sitting down with 24 interesting combination of friends.
Birthday was gratitute to Justin Vincent Sharone Tsung Shereen Hans Omar Curtis Parky Kana Sarah Shoko Steph Pat Kim Ying Yi Kee Win Han Sharon Lina Joe May Lin Daniel.
Omar & Justin bought me an oven toaster. A-w-e-s-o-m-e.
Birthday was having a double serving of green tea & lychee gelati, before receiving a Brunetti's cake.
Birthday was feeling tired while people stayed and chatted through out the whole night, with nuts and alcohol.
Birthday was saying goodbye to my iMac for 3 months.
Birthday was happy. Birthday was satisfactory. Birthday was better than last year. Birthday was happy.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

505: I'll be quite sad if there's a 'no'

Erm. Yes. This is the last one. Seriously.

Ok. Ok. I get it. You're sitting there shaking your head, saying: God when is the perverted Japanese fetish of this guy going to end? Has he got no normal friends/life at all?
Right. Hey it's not my fault they're leaving at the same time ok? And also, it's not my fault that I'm handsome/ charming/ approachable thus leading Jap chicks into my circle of friends.
Bear with me. This is the last one. No more soppy goodbye posts and I'll be back to the baby crunching tip top shape.
Why am I explaining myself to start with? This is MY blog! I can write whatever I want! I can swear if I want! Here you go: Shit.
Where was I? Yes. Departure of Riyo. She left at 8:02am this morning. We took pictures and waved goodbye. The end.
What? So now you're complaining it's too short? Not enough details you say? Well why don't I give you my account and you run my blog for me? On second thought, no. I don't trust you.
Fine. After Riyo left I threw up in the toilet. No, not because of sadness, but over eating. Eurest made us these personalised pancakes which is in the size of pizzas.
Best pancake I've ever eaten, but I think I ate too fast.
Buddha's tears actually tasted like tears yesterday. Tiger seems depressed. He hasn't eaten since yesterday too.
I've given the saddest hand massage ever. But hey I can finally get rid of that bottle of massage oil.
Since I've somewhat packed my stuff there seems to be no proof whatsoever of her existence at all in my apartment now.
Except for that birthday present of hers, which haunts me in the corner. I feel like burning it. (Don't worry, they're candles. I'm supposed to burn them. Got you again!)
Exchange students are like heroin: It feels great having them around, but the damage is like the consequences of a monkey driving a McLaren F1 car at the opening ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth games, which is coming soon.
Since I'm leaving IH. I guess this is my last time getting the shot anyway. Here's to getting off the hook.
And entering the life of having no one but Omar & Parky. God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh G0-
And erm. Riyo, if you're reading this. I think you left you digital camera in my apartment. I just found out 2 seconds ago.
God oh God oh God oh God oh G- This is so screwed up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Where's the sex?

picture from

Yea. Where's the sex? Ok, maybe you couldn't see it on this American poster, but the posters in cinema clearly printed: 'Sex, Murder, Mystery...'or some crap like that lah.
Yes there were some mysteries, definitely murder, but where. was. the. SEX? Sex means intercourse right?

Other than some brief slip of breasts and a shot of vagina, (of a corpse, HAH! Got you! Nah nah nah nah nah nah) I didn't see no sign/proof of sex. False advertising, really. Ptui!
Ahem. Other than that, I'd say it's a bloody good movie. I don't think I've laughed that loud since Hitchhiker's Guide.
The script was quick, witty, and most importantly, my favourite: sarcastic. Very down to earth. Very casual. Very 'oh let's see what happens next'. Very 'I don't believe he just said that'.
I have to say it's quite random too. Especially the finger part.
But the whole movie just reminds me of a light and commercialised Pulp Fiction. Even the stuff ups are the same. (like unintentionally killing some guy, and it always have to be an innocent black guy. Americans...)
Anyway, I like it. If you like me, you should like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Ok, fine. Just the movie only then.
Beautiful art direction on the opening credits.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

And you think you're fat...

Who the FUCK is that on the far right?

Whilst packing my apartment, I found this RMIT foundation year book. A magazine, which I've completely forgotten about.
After laughing at its cheap standard compared to my Satadal, I started flipping through, you know, to refresh my memory.
There it was, picture of group 2. I spent 5 seconds searching for myself. And then I realised that fat pig was indeed, me.
'Fuck me!' I swore to myself.
Now I know why people avoided me during that time. I'm a walking blob of fat! Look! Even in the photo my whole class were avoiding me. Ugh, look at that thunder thigh!
I can hear my pants crying for help! If you try real hard, you'd see my shirt has a pattern of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' on it.
It's as if my tummy has lips! And it was going Mmmmmm hungry~
You might as well name the photo: Harvard's lunch.
If I were to have a time machine, I'd fly back in time to give the old me a hug. Then I'll stab him in the eye and yell 'Monster!'
Ah, memories. I can now dispose the magazine without any sense of regret or nostalgia. In fact, I shall burn it now.

Sir, stop humping the bed please

Went to Ikea today.
How do you actually pronounce the name? Is it 'ai-key-ar' or 'ee-kay-ar'? Can anyone clear this mess up?
I thought it was going to be real expensive and all, but it wasn't that bad. I actually found something I like that were affordable.
Hopefully they'll still be available next year when I move out.
The thing about Ikea, is that everything is designed and done for you. All you need to do is pay up and you can be hip and classy.
That's when everyone can become a designer. A little bit of this and that, mix them up together and you get your relatives' awe.
I'm not saying it's good nor bad. Just making a point here.
Besides, no one would actually know if you bought your stuff from Ikea. I don't think anyone remembers all the designs and names.
Except, of course, that they bought the same ones as you did.
That's when it shits you the most isn't it? You thought you bought something new and clever, just to realise that any egg, cheese and bacon have it in their living room.
Oh, and the $1.50 hotdogs are awesome. Gotta have it.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Not another one.

Bye bye Taro~

Similar situation. Another 20 people sent Satomi off this morning at 7.41am. We stood in a semi circle and took turns to hug her.
The only difference is that I didn't stay up this time.
So I was actually half awake while sending her off. Only when the drowsiness wore out, I realised she's not going to be in Melbourne anymore,which was probably 3 hours after she'd left.
Just when I was feeling down and thought that lunch might cheer me up, Eurest was serving lamb curry on rice.
Which looked like cow dung on sticky rice.
She came over and said bye and thanks yesterday. And then she robbed my preview copy of Satadal, with my signature on it.
And for the first time, she tried white tea. It's good to know that there's still interesting stuff to do and talk about.
Instead of saying thank you and then a long hard silence.
Which makes it a bit worse because then you realised there're so many other things you haven't done together.
AAARGH, why am I getting so sentimental and weak. No no no! I'm the cynical Satan! We're all gonna die one day! Screw it!
No, no seriously. I do have friends other than Japanese girls. Just that... they're all leaving at the same time now.
Coincidence really... Stop pestering me...
To distract you, I've got the Durex global sex survey of 2005! Do you want to know which country has the most sexual activities?
Or, the average virginity losing age of your country? What about most frequent 'non bedroom' location for sex of the world?
Go, have fun you sad, sad people.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Little giant

Yes I'll drink your tea! Don't kill me please~

Found out surprisingly that Rieko was visiting from Sydney. She was in IH last year as an exchange student.
We met up for lunch at the Bismi branch along Elizabeth.
Yes, yes she's Japanese. Yes, she was in my O-Week group. No, no don't give me any more of those 'you dodgy Japanese pervert' stare. I've had enough of that. You're just jealous.
Anyway, it was quite bizarre. As in, she hasn't change much from what I can remember. Gullible, easily startled, and tiny as pea.
Yet beware, because I heard she's a kendo master.
The last time we talked, I believe, was in the Greycourt laundry room. Talking about some deep 'future' stuff.
And now, we are in the 'future'.
It's a mixed feeling, meeting up an ex-exchange student after just sending one off a few days ago.
Yet at the same time, it sorta gives me positive hope that I'd still keep in touch with most of the ex-IHer even if we'd left.
The worst part of my day was that I had to listen to this American dude talking crap, calling Melbourne 'Meowborn'.
Other than that, it's been a high-spirit day. Not going into details but I've got a HD for one of my subjects.
It's ridiculous. It's one of those 'if I can get a good grade, then this course must be crap' kind of feeling coz I didn't put in much effort.
Or as one of my 'friend' put it, 'if a girl finds me interesting, she must be insane/strange.' Heh. Classic.
I'm super, thanks for asking. Everything considered I couldn't be better I must say. I'm sorry, Mr. Cripple, even the fact that you can't walk couldn't bring me down.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Baby tomato was slacking off. Papa tomato squashed baby tomato and said: Ketchup!

Went to Philip Island a couple of days ago.
We were in the tourist centre cafeteria, 48 minutes before the first penguin would emerge from the broken waves.
I was eating my beef & mushroom pie. It came with fries. And some ketcup in a packet so small as if you'd find caviar in it.
And so I wondered. What is the purpose of ketchup? Why is it invented? Who came up with the idea: ketchup?
To add taste in our food? Fine. Then what is the purpose of potato fries then? Why are they made so bland?
If we find fries tasteless, why don't we just cook some delicious fries instead of putting ketchup all over them? You know, we could make tomato or chili flavoured fries.
Wouldn't that save a lot of packets and bottles?

What's wrong with human nature that craves wet slimy thick flavoured sauce to go with anything we eat?
And why only tomatoes? Why can't we use other fruit jam to go with fries? Who was the first person who actually wrote it down on paper: f.ri..e.s... and made that rule into the constitution? So dominating the ketchup people.
I've seen people eating fries with mayonaise or 'sour cream', but that's just a small rebellion against the vast army of ketchup.
Plus white slimy cream makes it worse.

I do sense a conspiracy. Like all the potato farmers, restaurants and manufacturers have to sign a contract with Heinz inc.
'Must have a ketchup or we will capture a female from the tribe once a day. Will take one third of their land as well.'
(Sorry was watching Kurosawa's Seven Samurai yesterday. Mind is still filled with peasants planting crops and all.)
Which makes me wonder, how was ketchup discovered?
Is it a coincidental thing that Mr. Heinz just happened to drop his fries on a bowl full of squashed tomatoes, or there was actually a full on R&D for 'the sauce to go with fries'.
Maybe they had homeless people sitting there in the lab eating them all. Mustard? Nope. Grapefruit? Nope. Curry? Nope. Plum? Nope. Tomato? Mmm. wait. lemme taste that again.
Oh yes. One more. Mmm mm. That's the shit! We're gonna produce lots of tomato sauce!

Just when I was getting excited, the penguins were about to arrive. I cleared my plates and we made our move.
I guess the point I'm trying to make is: Why do those bastards give us so little ketchup? Stingy pieces of shit.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Alien monologue

Hi. My name is Pamu. I live in a distant planet call Viba. Planet Viba is not that far away from Earth. It takes 2 hours to get there on my dad's Airchine. We go there sometimes.
Yesterday we went there to look at Earthlings. We took the HuPert (Human Expert) tour. It's cheaper and we got to stop by Planet Orgi to witness their annual matings before Earth.
I hate tours. The tour guide always keep talking and scratching and spitting and twitching. It's sad that they talk crap for a living.
We couldn't actually go to Earth itself. That'd scare the Nork out of them. So we had to hide at this satellite they'd call the moon.
We arrived an hour earlier and took our seats. Because there's certain time they'd come out of their 'workplace' and go home.
I bought some Popstroids. Damn they're expensive on the moon. Stupid zacking tourist attractions.
I got a complimetary drink from the tour though. But I felt cheap going up to the crater and ask for a free drink.
We waited for sometime. It started raining comets but we're not going to move unless we see some humans.
The old lady next to me bought a Starlight Poncho.
And then someone shouted: THERE! And we all stare around. Everyone was silent yet excited.
Humans are like 5 ft tall in general. That's so tiny and cute.
Apparently it's been a million year ritual for them to hunt/work for food before going home in groups.
Some came up early. Some late. Depending on the weather. Some would wait longer if it's too bright at one side of the earth.
I borrowed papa's mindoculars. The mind reading function was kinda faulty but we could still see pretty far.
I aimed at this island called Ohstralia. I'm not sure of the translator's accuracy as the software was two generations old.
It says Flip Island in Meboon, Ohstralia. Apparently some humans didn't need to work like the others.
They were going on a trip to Flip Island to look at Peegooins, some species that will end up hunting and eating them in 10 years time, according to papa's research.
I tried the Mindread button on this fat and funny looking guy.
The indicator said he was thinking: So after millions of years we human fought and evolved just to look at how penguins hunt for their food and go home. What the fuck.

Papa laughed when I told him that. He said the mindoculars must be broken. Humans are too dumb to realise that, papa said.
We went home after that. I couldn't sleep on my way back. The tour guide put on some planet hunting documentary waves.

Black and white pajama stripes

I've met 2 Moe's in IH. This is not the first one.

The first time I met Moe (pronounced MO-EH), she was sitting beside me during dinner time. You know, O-Week.

Being a friendly O-Weeker, it was my essential duty to have a conversation with her. You know, to make her feel like home. (whilst ignoring the ugly fresher sitting the other side)
She was having a hung over.
The last day I spent with Moe, she's still having a hung over. Pretty much sums up her two semesters in Melbourne.
That she's strong, determined, and sticks to what she likes. Hah. And I like how she seldom does the 'V' sign when taking a photo.
She drags her voice and sounds lazy all the time. A 'I don't give a shit what you think' kind of tone.
Yet if you manage to gross her out, you'd get a cute 'sOooOoOOoooOoooo dis-ghusting' from her.
Like any other girls, she'always complaining to be fat and all. How strange she always appear alright in pictures. (I guess you can't actually tell people 'hey I'm photogenic you know' because people'd think you're an obnoxious bitch)
She's always on a diet. She's always going to Bismi.
At first, I used to ask her panty no iro wa nan desu ka? (what's the colour of your underwear?) whenever I saw her.
And then I learned more dodgy Japanese and we could actually construct a conversation using all those words.
In the end I just poke her whenever I see her.
I guess, what I'm trying to say is, I miss her already.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dumb people have white knuckles

I have nothing against dumb people. I mean, hey it's not their fault. It's in their genes, there's nothing they can do about it.
And as long as they work hard, I'm sure they can justify their stupidity. One thing makes up for another.
What I really despise, is the people who make dumb mistakes, like losing their roll of film. Ok, I admit I've done that. But, I promise I wouldn't do it again. What? I never said I'm smart.
Which brings me to the next point, I seriously can't tolerate people who REPEAT the same dumb mistakes.
Einstein can back me up on this. He said: There is nothing that is a more certain sign of insanity than to do the same thing over and over and expect the result to be different.
Ah, good ol' Albert. Gotta love him.
Have you ever had a friend who've told you a story that goes like: 'Yea, we couldn't find this person, so we stood outside the room and knocked on her door for 30 minutes'?
Next time you hear that, slap that person for me.
Ok. Couldn't find her is fine. Knocking is fine. But 30 MINUTES? How the fuck can you knock a door for 30 minutes and expect someone to open the door, you brainless fag?
You knock a door, if there's no response for 5 minutes, you get the idea. But NoOoOooOo, maybe that person will miraculously be teleported back from timezone IC-32 and open the door.
So you keep on knocking. Yay for evolution.
Another type of people that I'd rip their guts off, are the dumb people who pretend to be smart. Oh, that's painful. But that's another story. I'll save it for later.
So the moral of this post: If you've been beaten by your husband/wife and you don't do anything about it, don't expect a change. That's just plain stupidity. Dumber than dumb.
Ask him/her to shoot you in the leg. That will make you do the dishes, bake some pies and water the plants.
And hi Sheanee you are cute. I'm not talking about you.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We can all use a little bit of Malcom

I want to be THAT iPod.

My attempt to shoot an iPod ad.
Using Malcom as a model, I reckon women will scream.
Now all I need to do is learn how to use Photoshop.
Hmm. This could be a new age fairy tale.
Once there was a princess who downloaded pirated MP3 everyday. So the fairy godmother got angry and fed her an Apple.
She turned into an iPod. People fed her pirated MP3s all the time. They tasted terrible. She realised only original MP3s taste good.
Godmother then told her that she could only recovered when a guy were to kiss her on the SELECT button.
DIE loh! Everyone touch and scroll iPod what! Who wants to kiss iPod? The princess felt really sad.
For years, day and night all the normal guys only wanted to touch and scroll while clicking her button.
Until one day Prince Malco came along. He acidentally spill some Krispy Kreme doughnut jelly on her button.
He had no choice but to lick it. And the the princess turned back into her normal state and wanted to kiss Prince Malco back.
Prince Malco: 'Man this is some ugly bitch!' He kicked her in the face and ran away in horror and shock.
They live happily ever after. The end.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We must find him a good girl.

Welcome to my new dating service. Call 1800-yousickbastard.

Still can't believe I fucking lost my film on the first day. So I had to set up another photo session yesterday.
Ah. Can't believe I'm not going to take photos in IH ever again. Wait, that's the whole point of me doing this fairwell thingy.
I didn't post ALL the portraits. Just some cute and random and special ones. Enjoy yourselves. No Parky, not that way.
(psst. I have all their phone numbers. I accept cash, eftpos and credit card. NO! I don't accept food. Ok, maybe I will.)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm ugly, but I'm very gentle

It's Angelina Jolie. Really. Not me.

I look like a penguin.
They say it's allergy. Maybe stress. Maybe hay fever. Even the heat, or food. Some say that I've been hanging around dirty girls.
I've got rashes all over my arm and fingers. My lip started swelling during brunch. I can feel it but I didn't know it was THAT big. Went back to my room, looked at the mirror.
Couldn't stop laughing. Then I felt sad. And then I laughed again. And I felt sad again. It's like Gyahahahaha! Aww... but AHAHAHAHAHHA... awww. Pfwhahahaah......
And everyone's like: hey Harvwhoaaaa erm. Nice T shirt you're wearing. I like the collar, and the colour.
At least it's a comfort to know that I look worst with swollen lips. Better than people coming up to me and say: Hey you look better today! Is it the hair? Hmm. Something's definitely different. I like it, you should stay this way.
Please leave a comment if you laughed like crazy before you felt sorry for me. You bastards.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Can I have one 'hump your dog'?

Had dinner at this Jap place, Kimurakan, in China Town.
You know how guys like to keep their cool when looking at the menu, especially if there're girls around?
Yea, it's true. Girls will point to the menu and say: Hmm what's this huh? You think it's good? Oh I can't pronounce this, don't know if spicy or not eh. Oh is it those little green cute things...
Guys? Well, we ask the technical stuff: How BIG? How MANY? How MUCH? If we can't read the menu, we skip it.
Fuck no we're going admit we can't deal with a menu.
Anyway, so I tried to do the same thing, you know, be calm and collected. It was after all, Japanese food. My home turf.
But then I saw this item I've never seen before: Crab Steamboat.
It's pronounced: KANI NABE.
I was laughing face down to the table. Tears running along and all.
It's a Hokkien swear word: Screw your mom.
So much for calm and collected.

'What The FUCK?' of the day

The wasabi's in the belly button, yes?


What do you mean the earth revolves around the sun?

Wow. As beautiful as she is, the picture is so airbrushed. She could even pass as an extra in a 3D anime.
(Ha, get the joke? A real human in a 3D cartoon, no?)
Talking about computers. While looking at my shelves today, I wondered: Why'd I have less trouble with timing while learning how to dance? (in case this is a surprise for you, yes, I've been taking dance classes and due to some programming error I was learning silver class latin.)
I thought I was good in rhythm and beats, you know, the natural groove master. Bust a move man.
Until it strucked me.
Dance Dance Revolution.
I forgot how I used to play that game every. single. day. You know, that arcade/playstation game where you dance by stepping on the arrows that go different directions?
Yea, I used to play that like I've got no friends! I've gone through professional yet sad dance training waaaaaaay back.
My friends and I, we're the step guru's.
And to think I'm gifted. Cheh.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Aren't my clothes, hip?

Ran out of laundry powder today.
So I stole some from the laundry room. If you think you're losing some detergent, that'd probably be me.
So after putting my laundry in the drier, I wanted to go running. But then I couldn't find my iPod shuffle.
Searching high and low, rampaging through my clothes and all, I just couldn't find it. I even went down to the office and asked if someone found it yesterday.
No. Don't have, they say. So I ended up running without music today. Depressed. My first shuffle died on me, this replacement one went missing. Haih, just not meant to be.
Had dinner (thanks Steph) but it tasted bland.
Talked to people but I only see black silhouettes in front of vibrant pink or green or blue colour.
Anyway, upon returning to my room I went to collect laundry. I open the drier and the bloody shuffle dropped out.
Basically that thing went through wash and dry.
And guess what? Fuck the thing's still working.
That should be their new headline. The new iPod. The digital music revolution just got better. Wash + Dry.
I'm still cursing to myself now. Can't believe it. Now I don't feel so guilty spending more money on Apple stuff.
Because, they're good. What? Disagree? I dare you to put your MP3 player in the washing mashing AND drier.
Then come and argue with me.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sticky for summer?

I need to write some Haiku's for my Copywriting folio.
No I wasn't swearing you uneducated dork. Haiku, (sometimes Hokku, it's complicated) is a form of Japanese poem, which consists of a pattern of 5, 7, 5 syllables. It also needs kigo, a word to describe or suggest the season of which the Hokku was set.
Example of classic Hokku (by Basho):

Furu ike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto
An old pond;
A frog jumps in—
The sound of water

Of course, it's difficult to follow the 5-7-5 rule in English. Therefore, the rules are slightly different.
How so? Hello? I'm only a university student. You expect me to know everything? Go find out yourself!
While writing my Haiku's, a part of me just thought: this is fucking bullshit. A kid can write a better Haiku than me.
So fed up! How's this:

Quick you go fly kite;
I shall stand here pick my nose-
Wow it's a big one.

Cheh. But it does sound like a swear word: 'You stupid Haiku you!' 'Take one more step and I'll Haiku the shit out of you!' 'Hai, hai, hai, Haiku your ass!'