Monday, August 01, 2005

Gently down the stream

Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure it was real?

Ah, yes. That was my head. And Satomi's ass.
I was in an awkward position as she didn't notice the proximity of our cheeks. Parky, Steph and Riyo just stood there and laughed.
Steph even took the pictures. Thank you.
Things couldn't get any worse, except for that moment then, Satomi started to dance and shake her booty.
How many times, I dare ask you, do you get the chance of having an ass shaking in your face, point blank?
And I didn't even need to pay.
Everything aside, it was truly the best out of the four cruises I've had. I actually was having fun instead of wondering why couldn't I have fun. And I didn't even drink.
But we get the usual stuff. The normal key players tonguing each other's throats, trying to prove themselves worthy of the term 'sluts', 'whores', and 'man'.
You get the betrayal of partners(yawn) that exclaimed: So what? It's only a kiss! it's not that we fucked or something!
Sadly, I saw some people that felt left out and couldn't have as much fun as they hoped for. They'll grow out of it.
And who can forget the spewing people? The people, who got so drunk that they had to bury their faces in the public trash cans?
Yet the most pathetic of all people, are the ones who did something different just because they were drunk.
Like making out. Or taking advantage of drunk girls. You know, things that they normally wouldn't do.
If anything happens, they blame it on the alcohol. How convenient. Cowards. Losers with empty Spring Pockets.
Meh, that's how the world works anyway. Everyone's so eager to have sex. There's two types of people in the world: The ones who try to have sex; and the nerds who study hard so they can be successful and get better sex in the future.
We are just balancing between the two extremes.
The funny thing is that I got drunk AFTER the cruise. Alone. In my apartment. With 1/3 of a bottle of Absolut Kurant.
It's interesting how you can get drunk, but still able to tell what you had for dinner when you throw up.
Hmm. Olives, capsicums, hams: Pizza Supreme. Buddha tears flavoured green tea vomit? Yes please.