Sunday, July 10, 2005

No intercourse before game

I was watching the AVIVA Badminton Championship Men's Final on TV. Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat was playing China's Chen Hong for $30,600, in Singapore.
Well, Taufik pretty much kicked Chen's ass like how Ronaldo would kick soccer balls during his penalty shoot out practice.
What I didn't get, is the commentator.
Why is it that we always get Ang Mo's to be a badminton match commentator? Well, Badminton is pretty much dominated by Asians. Ok, Denmark is pretty good, but that's like one western country out of what, two hundred and thirty seven?
Why do we always get British or American commentators telling us if the players are good or not?

For all I know, Taufik might have got lucky on that baseline smash, but NOOO, the commentator has to say 'Oh, what a precise culculation.' 'What a great plan!'
Yea yea yea, and he can read the future and predict the shuttle cock and save the world when aliens attack.