Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some muffins for you too

Shit my head is stuck to the wall. But I'm still hot.

Yes, to get yoose guys out of the lenghty sensitive faggy post of Melbourne nights, I give you a REAL incentive to visit my blog.
Sorry about the last post, I was reading a bit of Kafka.
The picture is to thank Parky for his tea.
While enjoying yourself, you can learn Chinese.
I'm quite sceptical about this cultural indifference workshop.
I don't think it works. You can't snap your fingers and be open minded out of a sudden.

That's what Australia is all about. They take our money, eat some sushi and kebabs, they think they're multi cultural.
What I hate about Melbourne, is that whenever they hear you're from somewhere Asian, they have to, I repeat, they HAVE to pretend they know some of your language.
Oh, Konichiwa! Oh, Ni Hao! Mai Dan! Oh, Sawadikap! Oh well, piss off. Sometimes they can't even get it right.
When I meet people from America I don't go: Hey I know your language! SHITFACE! How's that! You look like one eh? ENURESIS! You piss in your sleep don't you? SHOT MY WAD? Huh? What about SCHLONG? Oh that's Jewish isn't it. Oh ha ha ha.
Of course, there's always the 'Oh I can say 'I love you' in 12 languages' people. What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with them?
AS IF! As if one day aliens invade the world and only the people who could say I love you in more than 2 languages get to survive and taken to some shuttle for anal probing experiments.
Say the word and you think you're different. Slept with a foreigner you'd think you've seen a new world.
It's like a package: Man from Bahamas! Comes with foreign culture. Exotic languge lessons included in box.
Guess what? A box of condom says the same thing.
I've heard the most rediculous comment ever: Of course I'm well cultured! I've dated men from different countries!
Ironically enough, it's said by an Asian girl.
Note: Never confuse sex with culture. Same organs, same process, same fakings of orgasm. Skin colours of penises never actually affect the way you suck them.
I'm sorry, did I start off with some deep 'cultural' conversation and ended up with penis jokes again?
Well, bottom line is: you can't be tolerable suddenly just because you joined some seminars about cultural differences.
It's like buying a joke book and you expect to become funny. Well ha ha ha ha. Now get the fuck out.
Although I did purchase an Adult Joke Book. But it was on sale! It was $5! I was bored and lonely!
No? Not working? I'm really funny! Really...