Monday, August 01, 2005

Triads with breasts

'Where the fuck is our sweet and sour pork?'

I'm kind of anticipating this movie. Make no mistakes. The cast looks solid and promising. Even the title is gripping.
Yet I still have to ask this question:
Is that all there's left for HK movie industry? Are there no decent screenwriters at all? Why do they keep making triads movie one after another? Is there no other stories to tell the public viewers?
Yea, you're saying 'oh how ingenious, they refer to Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper for their theatrical poster.'
Piss off. The Soprano's did that ages ago. And I don't think they're even the first to do the long table thing.
They couldn't even come up with their own ideas for a. movie. poster. What makes me sad, is that there will be people around thinking this is the film makers' idea.
'Wah damn cool the poster! How they can relate gangsters to Last Supper? HK people super geng!'
No, I'm not cynical. I've been around long enough to encounter this sort of people on a frequent basis.
And why is there Buddhist statues on the background? Isn't The Last Supper all about Jason Christ?
Maybe they did that intentionally. I'm sure it will offend some Christians along the way. If so, I say keep up the good work.
At least they raised some controvesy. Instead of using the same idea over and over again just because it looked 'cool'.
I feel sad. HK cinema is left with stories that are either borrowed from Japanese Manga, or from previous successes.
Sort of like how Hollywood keep pushing the 'superhero' stories around. By the time they finish a round of superheroes, they'd start again. Like Batman, and Superman.
I miss not watching photocopy movies.