Friday, July 15, 2005

What you mean you think you driving tofu car?

Today I was waiting at the traffic light.
I saw this really cool sports car. Red colour, convertible with rims. The usual package. With your regular jerk with shades in it.
And I was sure he knew people were looking at his car. Because he did the Vroom Vroom thing, That cocky bastard.
The lights turn green.
The car lets out a loud screech. Tyres burning and all. I think it went from 0-50km/h in about 4 seconds.
And then I heard sirens. A police motorcycle was chasing the car, the policeman signaling him to pull over.
I laughed as loudly as god.
So the guy dragged with a police behind him.
That has to be the shortest speeding distance attempted by men. How stupid can he be? I'd feel like a complete idiot to do that.
It's like Vroom! Siren. Vroom! Siren.
Kept replaying in my mind till now.