Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cold sweatin'

While I was taking a nap this evening, I had a memory relapse. You know, how sometimes you get into a half sleeping state and strange memories come back to you?
No? Well I remembered about a conversation I had with my friend, X, in Sydney during winter break.
It's more like a statement I made:

女人说的话, 放在心上就好, 千万别放在心里。
Take notice of what a woman says, but don't ever take it seriously.

No, I'm not being sexist or anything. It's true! Women make promises as much as the water running down Niagra falls.
And most of the time, they don't mean it.
Statements like 'oh sure I'll contact you', or 'that's great we should do that sometime', or ' I'll definitely see you soon.'
They say it out of courtesy and never remember a thing.
So it hurts sometimes, when you actually cling on to these promises or statements. Just to realise they don't mean it.
And here's the catch: Sometimes, they DO remember. And if you're caught not remembering what they say, it's game over.
'You never care about me!' 'You never pay attention to me!' 'I'm not important to you!' ' You're just like any other guy!'
Get what I mean?
So my advice is: Remember as much as you can, but NEVER take what they say seriously. Memorise what they say if you can, but don't EVER believe in them. Ever.
It's kinda like remembering their birthdays, but not their age. Buy her a cake, but don't count the candles.

Note: This post applies to men who don't own a Ferrari, diamond company, tobacco farm, or a 12-inch penis. If you do, trust me, you can get away with not paying attention. Heck, women will even listen to you voluntarily.