Sunday, August 14, 2005

Heaven is made up by survivors

Finally watched Crying Out Love, In The Centre of The World. Trust me, the title sounds cooler in Japanese.
I probably wouldn't have finished it if I were to watch it alone. A movie that celebrates true love, memories and death would be too painful (or sceptical) for me to watch.
It's one of those movies that makes you regret life. If you're old, you'd wished to have a high school life like that, which is impossible; if you're a pre high school teenager, you'd wished to have a high school life like that, which is highly unrealistic.
A feel good movie that makes you want to go out and fall in love with anyone on the streets, which again, is extremely silly, dangerous, illogical and STD contagious.
Normal people don't get into relationships like that. We don't have a script to sound romantic. We have no slow melodramatic music to accompany our confessions.
We get truck horns, traffic light beeps, foot steps, birds, and a giggle or slap in the face. That's reality.
I guess the point is, we have to live on hope.
Having said that, Masami Nagasawa was HOT in the movie as Aki Hirose. Her voice was crucial. People'd stop just to listen her sigh. Such sadness and engagement.
If the same lines were to be read by the voice of Doraemon, the movie would be a comedy that turns you off.
If my future girl friend's not decent looking, at least give me someone with a voice that will make my heart stop and melt.
In a non dodgy way, of course.