Saturday, August 27, 2005

No, it's not a watch.

Tiger confused.

Irony (i-ro-ny). n.
an implied discrepancy between what is said and what is meant.
There're three kinds irony:
1. verbal irony: an author says one thing and means something else. For instance, I have an awful haircut. Yet you come up to me and say: I like your hair, it looks nice. That's a verbal irony.
2. dramatic irony: when an audience perceives something that a character in the literature does not know. Example, in the play Othello, the audience knows that Iago is fucking up Othello's life. Yet Othello has no idea and refer to Iago as 'Honest Iago'.
3. irony of situation: discrepency between the expected result and actual result. It's like rain~ on your wedding day. It's a free ride~ that you've already paid. It's a good advice~ that you just didn't take. You get the idea.

You may or may not remember me winning some ICAC photography and sketching competition.
Guess what, I got the prizes two days ago.
For coming 3rd in photography, I get a disposable camera. With flash mind you, it's the sharpest kodak disposable camera ever. (Look! I just made a verbal irony)
This is the best part, for coming 1st in the sketching competition. I get a Complete Drawing Course book.
It's quite amusing really. The mentality behind ICAC. I tried explaning 'sarcasm' to tiger but he's still having trouble digesting the multiple definitions of irony.

It's a dreadful Saturday morning.
Spent 2 hours trying to solve some Sudoku puzzles. Failed completely. Managed to solve a 'moderate' one, but none of the 'tough' of 'diabolical' ones.
Confidence? Lost. Self Esteem? Not a trace. I'll take it out on tiger. He's gonna get a huge beating. Here kitty kitty kitty...