Thursday, September 01, 2005

Waiter, why does my soup taste like piss?

Angry. Angry. Angry!
I came across this girl's blog. It started with: 'I'm blessed with parents who give me whatever I want, whenever I want.'
And then she starts reflecting her life.
'by the age of 16, I have already been to most of the continents around the world with the exception of Africa and the Antartica.'
'In Dunedin, I had insisted on a car (which I never got around to driving since I didn't really have a NZ drivers' licence) and my dad promptly went to buy one, which is still sitting in the garage of our Dunedin flat, completely unused'
'I complained that I was sick of living in a hostel, and envied friends who lived out on their own in their own city apartments. I aired this grievance to my dad, who promptly went out to purchase an apartment for me to live in when he next came.'
Huge ass question: Why. would. she. write. such. things. on. her. FUCKING. blog? This is not reflection, this is fucking showing off! This is not blessed, it's parental spoiling in progress.
One post of appreciation doesn't mean shit. Because, she's not doing anything to reflect her 'blessings'.
Take her previous post: 'Gosh, designers in Auckland are SOO expensive and cost so much more than designers in Dunedin.'
So what's her fucking point?
Here's my summary of the whole post: I'm rich. You're not. Screw you. See ya suckers. Have fun chewing leaves.
It's like saying: Sometimes I'm happy to be good looking. Because I'm not ugly. Why so? Because people never threw rocks at me when I was young. They never threatened to burn me either. Oh, I'm so lucky. Whenever I fart in the elevator, people would assume it's the girl next to me because I'm soo good looking. And you know what? I feel so BLESSED for that. Have I told you how blessed I feel about it? Thank god I'm so beautiful...
Now if someone would ever say that to me in real life, I'll seriously crucify them to a sizzling hot plate through their anus and add water from time to time.
This world is fucked up, man.